What is public art?

    Public Art is any art within public spaces like parks, streets, buildings and other areas the public uses. It can take many forms ranging from a large permanent scuplture, to an ephemeral projection project. Public art aims to enrich community. It is where creativity, culture and community intersect in a tangible way that stimulates reflection, imagination and participation.

    “Public art offers deep insights into a local culture, the ideas it can foster and the place it can become. It expresses a community’s willingness to think differently and take confident risks together.” ~ Esther Anatolitis, National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)

    What is a Public Art Strategy?

    The aim of a Public Art Strategy is to clearly articulate the direction of public art within our city. It will allow us to plan, advocate and promote in a way that maximises public art opportunities. The Strategy will also outline our approach to acquisition and management of our public art collections now, and into the future.

    Why are we updating the Public Art Strategy?

    The existing Public Art Strategy provided the public art direction for our community during 2016-2021. An updated Strategy will continue to provide a clear vision  and contribute to public art projects being delivered in a strategic manner, while providing maximum community benefit.

    The development of a new Public Art Strategy is also a key action in Creative Wollongong 2019-2024.

    What will the Public Art Strategy Guiding Principles be used for?

    The draft Public Art Strategy Guiding Principles have been developed to inform the direction of public art in our City. Once adopted, the principles will guide us during the development and implementation of our new Public Art Strategy and as we expand and maintain our public art collection. 

    Who came up with the draft Public Art Strategy Guiding Principles?

    The draft Public Art Strategy Guiding Principles have been developed in collaboration with the Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP), a diverse group of industry experts who provide independent advice to Council. Council and the PAAP have worked together to develop the draft Guiding Principles and are now seeking community feedback, to be incorporated before they are finalised.

    When will the new Public Art Strategy be developed?

    Once the Guiding Principles are confirmed, a draft Public Art Strategy will be developed.  We will be aiming to have this ready for public comment by the end of 2021.