Why do you want to install CCTV in the area?

    To enhance the safety of users of the Unanderra Library and carpark, protect public assets and deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, planning is underway to install a range of CCTV cameras in the carpark area and Library entrance.

    Will there be guidelines as to the cameras use?

    Will there be guidelines as to the cameras use? Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will be written for the use of the CCTV cameras and their recordings and available on Councils website. The SOPs will be written in line with the NSW Government Policy Statement and Guidelines for the Establishment and Implementation of CCTV in Public Places.

    How many cameras are you planning to install there?

    Seven cameras are proposed to be installed externally outside the building, including the rear carpark; and internally at the library enterance.

    What will these cameras be monitoring?

    These cameras will identify any potential criminal activity that may occur within the area and any safety related issues that may arise in the area.

    When will these cameras be operational?

    The cameras will film 24 hours per day after they are installed.

    Will the images the cameras take be recorded?

    Will the images the cameras take be recorded? The images from all cameras will be recorded on a hard disk drive and kept for a period of time to allow for authorised persons to review the footage to try and identify an incident as part of an investigation.

    How long will you hold on to the recordings?

    Footage is generally kept for 21 days and then deleted, unless identified as containing an incident in relation to investigation of a crime, for Court proceedings, or for ongoing intelligence and investigations.

    Will there be a monitoring station?

    No, the cameras will not be monitored on a day-to-day basis.

    Who has access to the recordings?

    Who has access to the recordings? Access to the CCTV recordings will be restricted. Any viewing of the footage will be documented and subject to regular audits. Police or other authorised legal persons will have access to the footage for the sole purpose of conducting their investigations.

    Who else may be affected by the installation of the cameras?

    The positioning of the cameras will not affect any persons external to the Library Carpark and surrounds. Visitors to the area, including library and car park users may be recorded, however they will be notified through on site signage.

    Are you going to advise the public that they are on camera?

    There will be signs erected which is a legal requirement of installation of CCTV. The signs will be placed in a position where the public will be alerted that they may be recorded from the cameras.

    What happens if there is an incident caught on camera?

    The footage may be used in official investigations by the NSW Police or Council depending on whether the incident is criminal or not.