What is an Unsolicited Proposal ?

    This is an approach to Council from a proponent with a proposal to deal directly with us, in circumstances where Council has not requested the approach. These can include proposals to build and /or finance infrastructure, provide goods or services, or undertake a major commercial transaction.

    From time to time unsolicited proposals are made to Council. This policy will ensure that we are able to encourage and manage these with consistency, transparency and provide a reporting and assessment framework.

    Who can submit an Unsolicited Proposal?

    Unsolicited proposals can be submitted by individuals,  community groups, businesses or other government agencies. The focus is on unique innovative projects or services with clear,  tangible and value for money benefits for the City of Wollongong.

    Council will generally only consider proposals where both the proposal and its proponent have unique attributes, such that others could not deliver a similar proposal with the same value for money outcome.

    Why do we need this Policy?

    This policy will provide, both Council and external parties, with consistency and certainty in seeking to deal directly with Council.

    We need this policy to provide:

    ·Clear and identifiable processes for parties seeking to put forward investment and innovation proposal to Council.

    ·Council and the community with assurances around transparency, consistency and reporting for unsolicited proposals.

    ·A framework for assessing such proposals with a view to deliver uniqueness, value for money and strategic fit for Council.

    Council operates with in its charter, which is set out within the Local Government Act 1993 (LG Act). The statutory requirements under the LG Act are still applicable to this Policy and also extends to public-private partnerships.

    What is the framework for assessing ?

    A three stage assessment process has been developed to guide the evaluation of proposals:

    Pre Submission Concept review

    Stage1: Initial Submission and Preliminary Assessment.

    Stage 2: Detailed Proposal & negotiation.

    What are the aims of this Policy?

    This policy aims to:

    ·Provide a clear process

    ·Provide transparency, consistency and reporting

    ·Provide a framework for assessment

    ·Ensure Alignment to our Strategic Direction

    ·Encourage business investment and innovation

    ·Provide appropriate management, governance and probity

    ·Ensuring that proposals that benefit our community, are pursued and realised