How was the draft Recreational Master Plan developed?

    The draft Recreational Master Plan was developed through a community engagement process and is now ready for exhibition. During the initial round of consultation flooding issues were identified as a key concern for the future use of Figtree Oval.

    Council has decided to undertake a flood study of the Allan’s Creek and Byarong Creek Catchments, commencing as soon as funding becomes available. The result of the flood study is likely to influence the design, location, and viability, of some elements contained on the plan. 

    Elements subject to the review of the flood study have been marked with a *in this FAQ and identified in the plan.

    What are the objectives of the draft Recreational Master Plan?

    • Identifying opportunities for community meeting spaces.
    • Enhancing sporting,social, environmental and recreation services.
    • Investigating opportunities to improve the creek for recreation uses.
    • Exploring the extension of the cycle and walking track along Allan's creek.
    • Establishing a green corridor and improving connectivity between the open spaces and the town
    • Identifying opportunities to improve the pedestrian access and connectivity between Figtree
      Oval and Westfield.
    • Exploring open space linkages and improving pedestrian access along Allan's Creek.
    • Investigating opportunities to alleviate the high risk of flooding.
    • Improving parking capacity to support recreation activities.

    What are the key findings?

    Recent community engagement revealed that there was support for the introduction of new
    recreation facilities and equipment, additional seating and more shaded walkways.

    The community also indicated they wanted current sporting facilities and the dog off-leash areas
    preserved. There was also support for improving connectivity throughout the area and creating bridges over the creek.

    What is being considered?

    1.  *Potential Pedestrian/Shared Paths

    - Pedestrian paths could be provided along the creek line and throughout park.

    - New access points could be provided from the Princes Highway, Westfield Shopping Centre and the Avenue.

    - Pedestrian bridges that are designed to gain access across Allan’s Creek and the proposed swale.

    2.  *Restoration of Allan’s creek

    -  Potential restoration works on severely eroded sections of Allan’s Creek embankments in
    the park.

    3. *Car Park Relocation and Expansion

    4. Formalise Landscaping

    - Around existing tennis courts

    5. Potential Location of Coffee/Food Van

    6. Provide a Passive Recreation Area
    - This area would cater to a range of activities such as bocce and croquet.

    7. *Multi-Purpose Courts

    -  Catering for sports such as basketball, netball and 5-a-side soccer.

    8.  Relocate and Upgrade Existing Play Space

    - Provide equipment to cater for all abilities.

    - Provision of amenities adjacent to play space.

    9.  *Potential High Flow Drainage Swale

    - The repositioning of the playing fields to allow for the construction of a high
    flow drainage swale.

    - This swale will be designed to capture and divert high flow incidents from Allan’s

    - The swale is also a potential landscape feature during low flow periods.

    10. *Youth Social Interaction Area

    - Possible basketball, skating / bike elements.

    11.  AFL and Cricket Field 1

    - Repositioning of AFL and cricket playing field.

    - Refurbishment of existing grand stand that could include expansion for additional change room

    -  Relocate screens at both field ends and replace fencing around field perimeter.

    12.  AFL and Cricket Field 2

    - Repositioning of AFL & cricket playing field.

    - Expansion of playing field.

    - Provision of field lighting.

    - Convert field to dual use via provision of matting over the cricket wicket.

    13. Potential Location of cricket nets













































    How can I contribute to the Master Plan?

    Council will be consulting the with community and existing stakeholder groups to inform the Recreational Master Plan. You can provide input at the scheduled community engagement kiosk or via the online feedback process.

    Information Kiosk

    Date:  Saturday
    31st October

    Time:  Drop by between 10 am –12 midday

    Location:   Council marquee on the corner of Figtree Oval (near the playground)

    You can also provide feedback online by completing the feedback form on this

    If you have further questions phone 42 27 7111.

    What happens once the Master Plan is adopted by Council?

    Once Council adopts a Recreational Master Plan funding allocations can be considered in Council’s
    annual planning process.

    This may involve staged implementation of the Plan over a 10 year period according to available budget.

    Elements of the plan that are not subject to the Allan’s Creek Flood Study will be prioritised pending budget allocation. Updates on the implementation of the Recreational Master Plan for Figtree Oval will be provided on Council’s website.