Where is the main bridge?

    The main bridge extends from Fowlers Road in Dapto and spans the Marshall Street deviation, the south coast rail line and Mullet Creek. See the Map. It is a key part of the new Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive Link due to open in 2020.

    Why are we naming the main bridge?

    We received requests from the community that the main bridge be given a name and that it comes from the community. We are seeking your local knowledge to help us find the right name for the bridge. 

    What is the process for naming the main bridge?

    There is currently no policy governing the naming of bridges in the Wollongong Local Government Area (LGA). However, it was established that the bridge name will need to comply with Council’s Road Naming Policy 2018 and with the Geographical Names Board (GNB) Guidelines (NSW Road Naming Policy).  A working group consisting of the Lord Mayor and Ward 3 Councillors will oversee this process and make the final decision. See Document Library for the policy and guidelines.

    What are appropriate bridge name suggestions?

    Suggestions must comply with the relevant policies and guidelines and be supported with background information. Suggested bridge names will be judged on the following criteria:

    ·  The name should not already exist in the Wollongong LGA or neighbouring LGAs

    ·  Local Aboriginal significance 

    ·  Gender – consider female names

    ·  Characteristics of the bridge

    ·  Commemorative person

    ·  Be appropriate to relevant local cultural or historical influences in the region

    ·  Be appropriate to relevant local natural influences in the region

    ·  Be easy to read, spell and pronounce

    ·  Not be offensive or likely to cause offence

    ·  Not be a company or business name

    If naming after a person, they need to have been deceased for a period of at least two years. Consent of the family members of the person being commemorated must also be obtained. 

    Can I make more than one suggestion?

    Yes. You need to complete a new online survey for each suggestion.

    Will the bridge name suggestion proposed by the majority of the public be chosen as the proposed name?

    Not necessarily. This is not a vote but an opportunity to provide the working group with bridge name ideas. 

    How will bridge name suggestions be evaluated?

    Council officers will evaluate all suggestions based on the relevant policies and guidelines. Background research and consultation with relevant organisations will also be undertaken. A list of appropriate names, with relevant background information will be presented to the working group for their consideration. 

    How will the bridge name be announced?

    The working group will propose a bridge name for Council endorsement. Once a bridge name is endorsed, we will let the community know via our website and social media. A report will be created summarising the process and reasoning behind the bridge name decision which will be made available to the public.

    What will the Fowlers Road extension be named?

    The Fowlers Road extension – the new road - is being named separately to the main bridge. The proposed name for the Fowlers Road extension is on exhibition until Wednesday 28 August 2019. It is proposed to name the Fowlers Road extension “Fowlers Road”. We are also proposing to change Daisy Bank Drive to “Fowlers Road” which means Fowlers Road would travel from Koonawarra to Cleveland Road, Horsley. Visit the Proposed Road Names page for more information on the road name proposal or to comment on the exhibition.

    How do I provide my bridge name suggestions?

    Complete the online survey for each bridge name suggestion.