Which area does this proposal apply to?

    The open space reserve opposite the intersection of Waples Road and Coachwood Drive, Farmborough Heights as shown on the Location Map.

    Who initiated the proposal?

    The request to name the reserve was originally made by the former Wollongong City Councillor, Michelle Blicavs.

    What are the policies and guidelines that cover the naming of parks in Wollongong?

    Council’s Naming of Community Facilities and Parks Policy applies to the proposal.  This Policy follows the guidelines of the Geographical Names Board (GNB) for the naming parks, sportsgrounds and natural areas within the Wollongong Local Government Area.  The Board’s guidelines encourage the use of names that are easily pronounced and have an Aboriginal origin.

    Why call it "Millingaa Park"?

    Consistent with Council’s park naming Policy and the GNB’s guidelines, the matter was referred to the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council (ILALC) for its advice.  The ILALC recommended the name “Millingaa”, the local Aboriginal name for white cedar.  It is noted that the proposed name and spelling was also referenced in a report published by Organ, MK. (1993) Illawarra and South Coast Aborigines (1770-1900), University of Wollongong

    What might the sign look like that will be eventually placed on the reserve?

    It will follow the style guidelines set out in Council’s Suburb and Park Signage Style Guide, and be similar to reserve and park signs in other locations in the city. 

    Where can I get more information about the proposal?

    By contacting Council’s Community Engagement Team at: Phone: (02) 4227 7111; Fax: (02) 4227 7580, or by email at: engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.

    Where can I get information about the Geographical Names Board?

    Visit the Geographical Names Board site at www.gnb.nsw.gov.au where you can obtain Fact Sheets on Place Naming and the Guidelines for the Determination of Place Names.

    How can I have my say?

    The easiest way to provide your feedback on the proposed naming of Millingaa Park is to complete a Council Feedback Form.