How was the landscape plan developed?

    We worked with key stakeholders, including the Friends of Scarborough Wombarra Cemetery Group, to understand what was important to them. A draft Masterplan Plan was developed and reviewed by the group.

    Why do you want heritage and environmental information from the community?

    As part of our planning for this work, we need to create an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This will provide information on the project’s potential environmental impacts and detail how Council will control or reduce any adverse effects. This includes fixing any damage resulting from the work. The EIS will be used by the NSW Department of Planning & Environment to inform the development consent decision for the plan. 

    Why is an Environmental Impact Statement required for these proposed works?

    The reason we are undertaking the EIS is to meet our requirements under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Coastal Management). As this area has been mapped as Coastal Littoral Rainforest under this SEPP, it requires an EIS to be prepared to assess the impacts on this area. Land near the area we are proposing for the ash wall has been incorrectly mapped as littoral rainforest. Littoral rainforests in eastern Australia are listed as critically endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, so we are required to formally assess how we will ensure we do not have any impact on his endangered ecosystem, even though it is not present on site.

    What work is proposed?

    The proposed upgrade and maintenance works include:
    • New concrete walls rendered and painted with a polished stone memorial covering
    • New footpath
    • Stonework/brickwork memorial edging
    • New columbariums (structures with space for storing urns)
    • New garden seating and bin enclosure
    • Re-establishment of vegetation along the boundary edge
    • New trees with stonework, brickwork or sandstone garden edging and a mulched garden area

    What will happen with the memorial rocks and associated ash placements?

    The majority of memorial rocks and ash placements will not be disturbed during construction.  A small number will require temporary removal, but will be put back in the same position before the work is finished.

    How else will you assess this site’s heritage?

    Council commissioned a heritage consultant to do an archaeological investigation for this site. An Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit has been granted for this work, which means that we have planned to conserve any Aboriginal cultural heritage on this site.

    How will my feedback be considered?

    At the end of the engagement period, all feedback is read and considered. Your local knowledge of the area will be used to inform the EIS. The EIS will be sent to the NSW Department of Planning & Environment for consideration. They will also exhibit the EIS and invite the community to provide feedback directly to them.

    When will works start?

    Works will start when all feedback and information on the EIS has been provided to the NSW Department of Planning & Environment for review. The start date will be pending their approval. 

    How can I find out more?

    Come along to our drop-in information stand and talk to one of the project team.
    Where: Scarborough Wombarra Cemetery 
    When: Saturday 15 June 2019, 10:00am – 11:30am

    You can also email, phone or write to us.