Why are we upgrading the car park?

    Council has a city-wide program to upgrade car parks to improve road pavement surfaces, make them more accessible, improve traffic flow and provide shading and landscape values through planting trees and other vegetation. 

    The Allen Street car park was identified as needing improvements and we were able to secure funding from the Port Kembla Community Infrastructure Fund to deliver an upgraded car park for the local community. 

    What are we proposing to do?

    • Remove trees that have been assessed in very poor condition and/or are posing a threat to public safety, public assets (footpaths and pavements) or private property (parked vehicles) 
    • Replant trees suitable for the site to provide shade and an improved landscape 
    • Improve pedestrian safety and access with new kerb ramps and a narrowing at the Allan St / Military Rd intersection to slow traffic.
    • Provide designated bicycle and equal access car spaces
    • Remove the Council works compound to return the area to community use  
    • Upgraded lighting for community safety 

    Why are we removing the trees?

    Our Arborist has assessed the condition of all the trees in the car park and determined that five trees need to be removed as they pose a threat to private property, public assets or people in the event of falling limbs or whole trees. 

    The Hills Fig’s [Ficus microcarpa var. Hillii] are prone to structural failure from branch bark inclusions, and fungal infection which causes decay in the structural timber. 

    Across Port Kembla we have selected locations to plant local fig species as they are a well-loved tree that cast deep shade when mature. Look out for the new plantings of Port Jackson figs and Moreton Bay figs along Parkes Street near Coomaditchy Lagoon.  

    What new trees will be planted?

    The trees that we propose to plant in the car park have been chosen to suit site conditions and fit in with trees already planted along Wentworth Street or are Australian native species. 

    The species are: 

    • Red Ash (Alphitonia excelsia)
    • Weeping Lily Pilly (Waterhousia floribunda)  
    • Yellow Bloodwood (Eucalyptus eximia)  
    • Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) 

    We are asking for your feedback on the mix and type of species we plant. 

    When will the upgrade works happen?

    The upgrade works will be carried out in the 2020/21 financial year. 

    Surrounding residents, businesses and car park users will be notified of the works starting at least 2 weeks prior. Signage will be displayed in the car park.   

    Is there other tree planting happening in Port Kembla?

    Port Kembla has lower than average tree canopy cover and is a priority suburb for our tree planting program. Over the past few months Council has been working with residents and community groups to plant 250 street trees across Port Kembla.

    If you are interested in a tree on your verge it’s not too late to lodge a request. Send an email to:  publictrees@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

    How do I provide my feedback?

    You can send us your thoughts in several ways: 

    • Visit our.wollongong.nsw.gov.au and provide your comments online 
    • Email us at engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au 
    • Write to us at Locked Bag 8821 Wollongong DC NSW 2500