What documents are on exhibition?

    The Wollongong 2022 Strategic Management Plans include:

    • Draft Annual Plan 2015-16
    • Draft Budget 2015-16 & Capital Budget 2015-16
    • Draft Revenue Policy, Fees & Charges 2015-16

    The strategies and projects Council seeks to undertake to achieve our five year Delivery Program are listed in the draft Annual Plan 2015-16.

    The draft Revenue Policy, Fees & Charges 2015-16 outlines the fees, charges and rates charged by Council in each financial year.

    The draft Budget and draft Capital Budget 2015-16 provides an overview of Council’s financial estimates and program of Capital Works for the financial year. Both documents support Council to plan its annual activities based on community input and strategic directions identified in Wollongong 2022; currently agreed services; economic, tourism and growth factors; Council’s Asset Management Policy and strategies; past performance; and availability of funding.

    What is Wollongong 2022 Community Strategic Plan?

    The Wollongong 2022 Community Strategic Plan is a 10 year plan that identifies our community’s vision for the future. It outlines the community’s priorities and aspirations, and how these can be achieved.

    Wollongong 2022, is a ‘whole of community’ plan, in which all levels of government, business, educational institutions, community groups and individuals have an important role to play.

    The Community Strategic Plan consists of:

    • A Community Vision
    • Six (6) Community Goals
    • Twenty-eight (28) Objectives
    • Eighty-two (82) Strategies

    What will happen to my feedback or submission?

    All feedback and submissions received will be considered and reported to Council in late June 2015. If you submit a formal submission you will receive a response from Council.

    How can I find out more about the draft Plans?

    You can find out more about the draft Plans by attending one of the engagement activities listed under key dates.

    The draft Plans are available here in the document library. You can also access the draft Plans by visiting Council’s libraries or by contacting Council. Draft Plans will also be available at the engagement activities listed under key dates.

    How can I have my say on the draft Plans?

    We invite you to have your say on the draft Plans which will be on public exhibition from 2 April to 1 May 2015. During this period you can have your say via the following:

    Email: wollongong2022@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

    Fax:   4227 7580

    Attend: One of the engagement activities listed under key dates

    Write to:  

    General Manager
    Wollongong City Council
    Locked Bag 8821 WOLLONGONG DC NSW 2500

    Website:   Go to: www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au and complete an on-line feedback form

    Your comments must be received by 5pm 1 May 2015.