What is Council asking community members to do?

    We'd like the community to think about their ideal library of the future as we are planning now for what library services to provide in 2022.  And we need your help.  It doesn't matter whether you're a  library member, or if you have never stepped inside one of Council's seven public libraries.  Please take a little time to either fill out the online community feedback form or particiate in a community circle.  Your thoughts will help us plan our community libraries of the future.

    How can I have my say?

    There are several ways you can have your say on your ideal library of the future. These include:

    - filling out the feedback form, either online or collecting a hard copy from your local library

    - consider hosting a community circle by downloading the community circle kit from the document library or collecting a hard copy from your local library.

    - or sending us an email.

    All feedback must be received by Friday 28 August 2015.

    What is a 'community circle'?

    A community circle is a structured conversation in an existing group or one you create just for the purpose. In an attempt to hear as many ideas as possible, we are encouraging community groups, service providers or any interested community members to lead a community circle.

    If you're interested in leading a community circle, download the community circle kit from the document library, or collect a copy from your local library, then ask your friends or interest group to come up with some ideas for libraries of the future together. 

    Please make sure you return your group's response by Friday 28 August 2015.

    What happens to the ideas from the community?

    All the ideas submitted by the community will be discussed at a library staff workshop in September. Library staff representatives will then be selected to work alongside a number of community members at Writing the Libraries' Future workshop during October.

    What happens at the Writing the Libraries' Future workshop?

    Working together, community and library staff representatives will take into account community feedback to co-design a draft document that will shape the future of library services for 2016-2022.

    How do I nominate for the Writing the Libraries' Future workshop?

    Community members interested in participating in the workshop will be asked to provide their contact details.  Fill out the contact details section on the feedback form (survey) available in hardcopy at your library or online.

    Please note spaces at the workshop are limited.

    Nominating to attend the Writing the Libraries' Future workshop means you are prepared to listen to and spend time working alongside a wide cross section of community and library staff members. 

    The workshop date, time and venue will be confirmed.  Everyone that nominates will be contacted and attendance at the workshop discussed.

    When will the general community see the draft document?

    Visit the library information stall at Viva La Gong on 14 November to see the ideas community and staff explored in preparing the draft, and talk to staff about the progress of the draft document.

    Don't worry if you don't make it to Viva La Gong.The draft document for shaping the libraries future 2016-2022 will be place on general community exhibition in early 2016. You will then be able to have your say on the draft.

    For more details on how you can help write your libraries' future:

    - phone (02) 4227 7111

    - email engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

    - visit the Council website for updates.