Why are we building these bike tracks?

    Our community have told us it’s important that we provide more cycling facilities for families and young people to enjoy. We’d like to hear from local families and young people about how we can create a bike track in a better location.

    Why can’t the tracks be built at Purrungully?

    Purrungully Woodland is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community which makes this reserve protected under state law. We’ve recently removed the existing illegal trails in the Woodland as they’re causing damage to threatened species of flora and fauna which need to be protected before they become extinct or damaged beyond repair.

    What will the bike tracks look like?

    A concept design has been developed which includes two tracks for the site. You’ll be able to find the designs in the document library on the website. Take a look at the designs and tell us what you think.

    Who will be able to use the bike tracks?

    The concept design includes two tracks. The smaller track is designed for beginners, it has smaller jumps and is for people who are starting out and want to build their confidence. The bigger track is for people who already have experience with these types of tracks. It has more challenging design elements.

    Where will they be built?

    The track will be built at Dimond Brothers Park, next to the skate park.

    When will they be built?

    We expect the new bike track to be built by December this year.  

    Can I help build the tracks?

    We sure hope so! We’re planning on using a similar approach to the track built at Harry Graham Park. For this project Council worked with local families, young people and a professional trail builder to build their new track. We really want to use the same approach with this bike track at Dimond Bros Park, but this will all depend on what the Covid-19 Public Health Order and restrictions look like at the time.

    Who will maintain the track in the future?

    We’re looking at using a Bush Care volunteer model to work with bike track users to help look after the tracks. This means that Council will work with and support a group of people to maintain the tracks. The idea is that we’ll get together on occasion for maintenance days.

    How will my feedback be used and what happens next?

    After the engagement period ends your feedback will be shared with the design consultant. The information we receive as part of this engagement will inform the final design. We will share the final design with the community before the track is built.

    How will we make sure this is a safe and clean space for everyone to use?

    The new bike tracks are going to be located close to the existing skate park making it a better space facility for families, children and young people. We’re really mindful about the safety of pedestrians using the footpaths in this area, which is why the bigger track will be located eight metres away from the existing footpath. 

    It is important that this is a safe and clean space for everybody. Once Public Health orders and restrictions have eased, we’ll have a team from Council including Youth Services, come and visit to chat about safety and expected behaviours in the space.

    How can I find out more about the design for the track?

    We are holding an online info session for local riders and their families who would like to find out more about the track design:

    Concept Plan Online Info Session

    Tuesday 21 September

    5.30 – 6.30pm

    You can register for the online session via the register here tab on this page