What is the background to the proposal?

    The traffic light project forms part of the Dapto Town Centre Access and Movement Strategy and West Dapto Access Strategy. The community has been involved in conversations with us for more than a decade about access and movement through this area.

    Why are we proposing traffic lights at this location?

    Local users know that the area experiences high levels of congestion at peak times with limited opportunities for pedestrians or motorists to move through the intersection. Space restrictions between the level rail crossing, Station Street and the public car park on Bong Bong Road increase this congestion. The proposal aims to address this by regulating pedestrian and motorist movement.

    What are the benefits of the proposed design?

    Traffic lights will encourage west bound traffic to access Horsley via the new Baan Baan Street extension as motorists will have a regulated right hand turn onto Bong Bong Road from Station Street. This will reduce congestion at the Princes Highway and Bong Bong Road intersection. A new left turning lane from Bong Bong Road onto Station Street and the removal of right hand turns into the Bong Bong Road car park will improve east bound traffic. Pedestrians will also benefit as they will be able to cross this busy intersection under signalisation.

    What are the details of the proposed design?

    This highly complex design coordinates traffic lights with the level rail crossing on Bong Bong Road. This will ensure vehicles do not queue from Station Street over the railway line when the level rail crossing is activated by an approaching train. The design also includes:

    ·  a new designated left turning lane from Bong Bong Road to Station Street enhancing access for buses and taxis;

    ·  new signalised pedestrian crossing with accessible ramps;

    ·  changes to Bong Bong Road car park entry and exit to improve traffic flow.

    How will access to the car park on Bong Bong Road change?

    Access to the public car park on Bong Bong Rd will change with the eastern driveway becoming Left In Left Out only. This means cars will no longer be able to turn right into or out of the eastern driveway. The western driveway will become a left only exit. This means cars will not be able to enter the western driveway and will not be able to turn right to exit. A new raised median strip on Bong Bong Road will prevent cars from crossing the street to turn right into or out of the car park. The Consultation Plan provides details on the new routes to enter and exit the car park.

    Why will the car park access be changed?

    We need to coordinate the phasing of the traffic lights to ensure vehicles are cleared before the level rail crossing is activated. By removing right hand turns into the car park on Bong Bong Road, traffic will not queue behind cars waiting to turn right preventing the level crossing from clearing. Cars won’t be able to enter the western driveway any more as it’s too close to the intersection. As cars speed up setting off through traffic lights, the risk that they might hit vehicles slowing down to enter the western driveway is too great.

    Will there be changes to the bus stop on Bong Bong Road?

    The project will require the bus stop to move a short distance east on Bong Bong Road. Commuters will be notified prior to changes.

    Will any parking spaces be removed?

    No parking spaces will be removed.

    When is construction due?

    Budget has been allocated for construction in 2019/20 and 2020/21. Residents will receive notification prior to construction.

    What will I experience during construction?

    There will be general impacts associated with construction including some noise from machinery, increased construction vehicle movement, possible night works, and temporary traffic and pedestrian changes. Residents will receive notification prior to construction with the details.

    Will access be affected during construction?

    Access will be maintained at the intersection with traffic controls in place at times. The Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive extension, due to open in 2020 will be an alternative east/west connection for motorists.

    What are the constraints of the project?

    There are extensive site constraints including the existing buildings, multiple carpark entries and the rail level crossing. This means design options are limited.

    What can I provide feedback on?

    We want to know any local knowledge that should be considered during construction. We are also interested to hear your thoughts about access to and from the Bong Bong Road public car park.

    How will you use my feedback?

    All feedback will be considered and may help inform the final design and the timing of construction.