How will my feedback be used?

    Your feedback will inform Stage 1 of the Master Plan Needs Assessment. All comments received will be considered and used to inform the development of concept plans. These plans, along with feedback received from the community will be reported to Council for their consideration.  

    What we learn through this first phase will be used in the second phase – the development of a Draft Master Plan that will guide the long-term plan for the site. Your ideas and feedback will again be sought through this process.

    Where is the site, and what facilities does it have?

    Bulli Showground Precinct is located in Grevillea Park Road Bulli. It is classified as community land and is categorised as for ‘General Community Use’ and ‘Cultural Significance’. The site is approximately 9.1ha insize. Slacky Creek runs across the south east of the site.

    Facilities at the site include:

    ·A former harness racing track

    ·A greyhoundtrack

    ·Grandstand and covered "betting ring", restaurant, offices, toilets and change rooms, meeting rooms and offices

    ·Older buildings including show pavilions and stables

    ·Dog kennels

    ·Gravel car parking, and

    ·A small park on the corner with a memorial

    What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan provides an agreed future direction for Council and the community about the best way to develop a site. The Master Plan takes into consideration current and future demand and condition of facilities as well as social, environmental and economic objectives. The Plan helps everyone work together to improve the facility and be ready to respond to development/improvement opportunities when funds become available. A Master Plan is not a commitment of funding to undertake immediate works.

    Why is a Master Plan required?

    The facilities provided within the showground precinct reflect the changing uses over time and large crowds that greyhound and harness racing used to attract.  These no longer match present-day activities and are reaching the end of their functional life. The aging infrastructure onsite requires significant investment to improve the overall condition of facilities, and to enhance the attractiveness of the site and accessibility.

    There are other considerations in the future of the site including:

    ·The future northern extension of Memorial Drive. This is a Roads and Maritime Services project and plans are not available.

    ·The 2016 announcement by the State Government that greyhound racing will continue with greater regulation and with the consolidation of tracks statewide.

     A master plan is currently unfunded. Once adopted, the master plan will be used to apply for grant funding and for consideration in the council budget allocation process.

    What is the Showground used for now?

    The site is primarily licenced to the Greyhound Breeders Owners Trainers and Association(GBOTA) for greyhound racing purposes.  A small area with a large shed is licensed to the Bulli Show Society.

    The site is used weekly for greyhound racing and by the Foragers market. The site is also used for annual events such as the Illawarra Folk Festival.  Increasingly the site is used for a range of music, cultural and community activities and shows including the Australian Antique Motorcycle Weekend, the Illawarra Festival of Wood and Bikes and Bulls event.

    What is the history of the site?

    Research indicates that Bulli Showground was owned by the Bulli Coal Company. Newspaper articles suggest the site has been used for informal recreation, sporting and social events since the late 1890’s. The grounds were a temporary campsite for the unemployed and their families during the depression.

    After a campaign from the Bulli Progress Association, the former Bulli Shire Council purchased 50 acres of land at Slacky Flat in 1939 for £500 to establish a recreation ground.

    Greyhound racing started at the site in 1950 and harness racing in 1952. The Bulli Show Society held its first show at the ground in 1953. Queen Elizabeth toured the site in 1954.

    Does flooding affect the site?

    The site is subject to flooding, placing constraints on how it can be used. The showground arena is prone to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. The Master Plan will ensure future uses of the site take into consideration these flood risks. There is a 20% chance in any one year to see the site affected by flood.

    Does this Master Plan affect Grevillea Park?

    No.  For the purposes of this study, Grevillea Park lies outside of the study area as the future RMS extension to Memorial Drive will effectively separate the Showground from Grevillea Park.  Whilst Council desires to maintain a connection between the Showground and Grevillea Park, the design of the future road extension by the RMS will ultimately define this relationship.