Why do we need to protect the embankment in and around Corbett Avenue?

    Wollongong City Council is responsible for local roads. Corbett Avenue services private property and provides access to a public reserve. The embankment at the head of the road is eroding due to coastal wave action and storm events. Work to stabilise the embankment is now required.

    What is the scope of the work that needs to be completed?

    It is proposed to construct a seawall of gently sloping armour rock to protect the road and maintain safe access to private property and to the public reserve. The rock work will be keyed into the existing beach rock. Access to McCauleys Beach will be improved from the public reserve by the construction of a permanent stairway.

    Is this part of an Aboriginal heritage site?

    No but Council has undertaken a due diligence process as part of its environmental review for this project and will continue to consult with Aboriginal groups. Council will monitor work during construction to ensure no impact on any area of cultural significance will occur.

    How will the work affect residents and those that regularly use this area?

    Access into Corbett Avenue and to private property will be maintained. Throughout construction, parking on the south side of Corbett Avenue will not be available. However, north side parking will be maintained as well as access to private driveways and private deliveries and garbage services. Pedestrian access to McCauleys Beach will be via temporary stairs constructed from the public reserve to the beach. During construction a compound for storage of plant and equipment will be located in the public reserve to the south of Corbett Avenue. Construction equipment will be stored in the construction compound at night. Machinery and equipment will move within the work site on the beach and in front of the northern end of the public reserve. There will be a barrier around the work site for public safety. Rock for forming the seawall will be stored on the beach and in the Contractor’s compound and placed into position as work progresses. Sand excavated during construction will also be stockpiled within the work site before being reinstated. Rock will be delivered to site over a number of weeks as required by the Contractor. Traffic management will be in place to ensure inconvenience to the public is minimised and deliveries are safely unloaded on site.

    Will this part of the beach be closed during the work?

    Access to the beach south of Corbett Avenue will be maintained via entry through the public reserve. North of Corbett Avenue, access will be available from Tasman Parade. Access in front of the work site will be available dependent on coastal conditions.

    Will I still be able to walk my dog in this area?

    Dog walking on a lead will still be permitted in the public reserve and off a lead on the sandy area of McCauley’s beach designated as a Dog Off Leash area.  The Dog Off Leash area excludes the dunes and rocky platforms. 

    How will the parking restrictions along Corbett Avenue be managed?

    The Contractor will prepare a traffic plan to manage deliveries to and from Corbett Avenue and to provide safe pedestrian movement in the vicinity of the compound and work site. The traffic plan will alsoidentify deliveryroutes to the site via the local street network to minimise local traffic congestion and avoid where possible passing through school zones during morning and afternoon speed restriction times.

    Parking in front of the Contractor’s area on the south side of Corbett Avenue will be unavailable to the public. Signage will be displayed at the entry to Corbett Avenue advising motorist of limited recreational parking.

    Contractor personnel will park in the compound and to the north of Corbett Avenue in Hamilton Road. 

    Will noise disturbance be managed?

    Hours of construction will be 7am till 6pm Monday to Friday, and 7am till 1pm, on Saturdays. Work will not usually occur on Sundays or Public Holidays. Some construction work requiring access on the beach is subject to tides, seas and swells. To synchronise with these environmental factors work may be required outside specified hours.

    Could extreme tides or coastal storms delay the work?

    This type of delay is possible but will be managed under the contract. Further, Council will endeavour to engage a Contractor during a period of lowrisk of storm and flooding where timing of the work to prevent further damaging erosion of the embankment exists.

    Have environmental issues been considered?

    Yes a Review of Environmental Factors has been prepared and will be implemented by the Contractor during construction. Some of the environmental issues considered include coastal impact of the proposed works, aboriginal heritage, access by the public to McCauleys Beach, access to private property in Corbett Avenue, transport of deliveries through local streets.

    Inspection and testing of the existing embankment has been undertaken to classify material to be excavated and removed or re-used on site.

    What approvals have been obtained?

    Council has liaised and sought the concurrence of a number of Authorities affected by these works including the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Crown Lands) and the Regional Coastal Panel. 

    How long will the work take and when will it start?

    The work is expected to commence in 2017 and will require approximately six months to complete subject to coastal conditions.

    How will this work assist with mitigating future erosion of the coastal seawall?

    The existing embankment at the end of Corbett Avenue will be shaped and two layers of large igneous rock will overlay these preparations. The median size of rock will be of the order of 1 metre in diameter and weigh approximately 1.5 tonne. Although some rock settling can be expected in a storm event, the two rock layers will significantly diminish further erosion of the road head.

    How can I comment on the planned work?

    Council will consult the community about the proposed works prior to implementation. You can provide input at the scheduled community engagement kiosk Saturday 17 September between 10am and 11.30am or online during the exhibition period ending 30 September.