Why does Council need a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan?

    Approximately 19% of the population has some form of disability. In the 2011 ABS census 5.8% (11,200 persons) of the population in Wollongong LGA reported that they were living with a profound or severe disability. 

    In August 2014 a new act called the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 was passed requiring all Councils in NSW to develop a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.  

    It is important that Council develops and implements a plan that will support people with disability to participate and be included in the life of the City. 

    What will the Plan do?

    The Plan will identify what Council needs to do to help people with disability feel and be more included in the community, and be able to access the same services, facilities and opportunities as everybody else. 

    Who is responsible for the Plan?

    The plan will involve all areas of Council. 

    When will the Plan be implemented?

    The Plan will be implemented from July 2016 to June 2020.

    What will Council do with the information from this survey?

    The information will be used to identify the barriers that people with disability face locally in accessing Council services and facilities. 

    The information will be used to set priorities for an action plan that will guide Council towards creating an environment that supports people with disability to be included and involved in the life of the City.