Why do we need a Disability Inclusion Action Plan?

    In 2014 the NSW Government introduced the NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014. The introduction of this Act requires Council to have a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (Plan) that shows what we are doing to enable people with disability to participate equally in their communities.

    What is the purpose of the Plan?

    The draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2025 describes what Council will do in the next five years to make Wollongong a more inclusive and accessible place. The Plan is focused on improving the services and facilities Council is responsible for delivering.  

    What are the focus areas of the Plan?

    The Act requires the Plan to have four focus areas; 

    • Creating liveable communities;  

    • Improving access to systems and processes;  

    • Promoting positive community attitude and behaviours;  

    • Supporting access to meaningful employment. 

    Why is Council updating the Plan?

    Council developed its first Disability Inclusion Action Plan in 2016 and this Plan is due for review. It is important we update the Plan to make sure it still captures and reflects the community’s priorities. You can find our first Disability Inclusion action Plan 2016 – 2020 and our annual progress reports on Council’s website 

    What input did the community have in the updated Plan?

    We asked people with disability and their carers to share their experiences, priorities, thoughts and ideas to help us develop our draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020–2025This included a survey that was completed by 178 people and five community workshops.  

    You told us that you would like Council to focus on:  

    • Parking  
    • Footpaths, shared pathways and crossings  
    • Toilets  
    • Events and activities  
    • Parks and playgrounds  
    • Pools and beaches  
    • Community attitudes and behaviours 
    • Information and communication  
    • Employment  

     You find out more information in our community engagement report

    Why is the draft Plan on public exhibition?

    Before the updated Plan is finalised, we need to check in with the community to see if we got it right or whether we missed anything. We’re also interested to hear what level of support the community has for this Plan.  

    What happens next?

    All feedback will be considered and inform the final version of the updated Plan. The updated Plan will then be provided to Council for endorsement.

    How will Council put the updated Plan into action?

    We’ve created an Implementation Plan which outlines the steps we’ll take as an organisation to deliver the new Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020–2025.    

    How do we know if Council is delivering on the Plan?

    Each year Council provides a report on our progress towards the delivery of the Plan. These annual reports are available on our website and are provided to the Minister for Disability Services.  

    What are the key achievements of the current Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2016-2020?

    We developed and endorsed strategies which provide a planned approach for improving access, including the Public Toilet Strategy 2019-2029 and the Beach and Foreshore Access Strategy 2019-2028.  We undertook a range of infrastructure projects to improve access to the built environment for people with disability, including on our paths and cycleways and in our parks, playgrounds, toilets, car parks, bus stops, libraries, community centres, pools and beaches. We’ve worked on ways to increase access to information; promote positive community attitudes and behaviours towards people with disability; and to support people with disability seeking employment. For more information view the Annual Progress Reports on our website.  

    How does the Disability Inclusion Action Plan fit with other Council plans?

    Our Wollongong 2028 Community Strategic Plan is the overarching plan that guides everything we do. Actions in the Disability Inclusion Action Plan will contribute to the implementation of Our Wollongong 2028 and Council's commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging.