What does this planning proposal involve?

    The planning proposal seeks permission for this site to be used as a Centre-based Child Care Facility, which currently is not permissible in the site’s E3 zoning.

    Does this planning proposal approve development?

    This planning proposal does not grant development consent for a child care facility.  The proposal, if progressed, will allow for a development application for a Centre-based Child Care Facility to be lodged in the future.

    When is the Wollongong Local Planning Panel going to consider this planning proposal?

    There is currently not a date set for the proposal to be considered by the Wollongong Local Planning Panel.  If you would like to receive updates on this matter or submit feedback you can email Council council@wollongong.nsw.gov.au or call the Land Use Planning team on (02) 4227 7111.

    What will happen after the Local Planning Panel has considered the planning proposal?

    The proposal needs to be approved at a Council meeting, then approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, called a “gateway determination”.  The Department will then determine whether the planning proposal should progress.

    What happens after the “Gateway” determination?

    After the gateway determination, relevant government agencies will be consulted and the proposal will be placed on public exhibition for further public feedback.  After public exhibition the proposal and any feedback will be reported back to a Council meeting, where a final decision will be made on the matter.

    Why are we being notified of this?

    Council is seeking initial community feedback prior to assessment by the Wollongong Local Planning Panel.

    What is the Wollongong Local Planning Panel?

    The Wollongong Local Planning Panel is a panel of design/environmental professionals and a community member, who provide independent assessment and recommendations before a proposal is taken to Councillors.  This allows the quality of the proposal to be confirmed by an independent panel and also allows any member of the public to voice their objections, support, or raise matters for consideration.