What changes are proposed to the Pensioner Concession Cardholders fee exemption?

    The current fee exemptions for mixed general waste and green waste received at the Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park (WWRRP) will be removed from 30 June 2021.

    Exemptions will remain for enhanced services. Enhanced waste services are services that are free, available to all residents and go beyond our usual home waste collections. 

    What free waste services will be available to Pensioner Concession Cardholders?

    Kerbside bulky waste pick-ups 

    Pensioner Concession Cardholders have access to two free kerbside bulky waste pick-ups per year as property owners, through their Strata Manager or landlord.   

    These collections can be booked by contacting Remondis on 1300 362 360 or by booking online at http://wollongongwaste.com.au/On-Call-Household-Cleanup-Service

    Household problem waste 

    Residents are able to drop off the following problem wastes at the Community Recycling Centre located at the WWRP without charge: 

    • Paint 
    • Computers, televisions, printers, scanners, smoke detectors and mobile phones 
    • Gas battles and fire extinguishers 
    • Fluorescent globes and tubes 
    • Household and car batteries 
    • Motor and other oils 
    • Scrap metal – includes whitegoods mostly made of metal like microwaves, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers 
    • Fridges and Freezers 
    • Cardboard, paper and mixed recyclables that won’t fit into your yellow bin 
    • Free cardboard and mixed recyclables collection following Christmas with collection points throughout our City. 

    The enhanced services will be provided at multiple locations and dates throughout the City which will make it easier for all residents to drop off green waste, cardboard and mixed recyclables.

    Why are these changes being made?

    Unfortunately waste that is disposed of free is not usually sorted and therefore most ends up in landfill.

    This does not meet the NSW Government requirements for Councils to divert material from landfill, reduces the life of the landfill, increases the Waste Levy paid to the NSW Government and increases odour and methane emissions. 

    The changes aim to encourage our customers to sort items so these can be reused or recycled.   

    How will the proposed changes benefit our community if adopted by Council?

    It is expected that more material will be sorted so that only material that cannot be reused or recycled will be placed into landfill. 

    This will increase the life of the landfill, reduce odour, reduce methane emissions and reduce fees paid to the NSW Government.