How was the draft strategy developed?

    The draft strategy was developed through a community engagement process and is now ready for exhibition. During the initial round of consultation the following local issues were identified:

    • Parking and Traffic: Congestion in carparks and on some roads is making access difficult for motorists and pedestrians.
    • Pedestrian Access: Footpath improvements were identified as being needed to improve accessibility.
    • Road Safety Black Spots: Improvements are required in areas where significant crash incident activity has been identified. 

    What are the objectives of the draft strategy?

    The objectives of the draft strategy are to create: 

    • A connected, accessible, safe and friendly town centre where people can move around easily.
    • Efficient linkages to and between public transport modes.
    • More accessible and available parking options.
    • A safer road and pedestrian environment in the centre of Unanderra. 

    What are the key strategies being considered?

    1.  Public Transport

    • Work with NSW State Government to provide lifts to the railway station platforms.
    • Develop an interchange for bus, rail and taxi services to improve transport connectivity.

    2.  Pedestrian Access

    • New crossings, lower traffic speeds and better footpaths to make the town centre safer and more accessible.

    3.  Cyclist Access

    • Consideration is being given to expanding bicycle connectivity from the town centre to the Railway Station.
    • Identifying opportunities to conveniently locate cycle parking.

    4.  Traffic Management

    • Improvements to key intersections with the introduction of traffic lights and roundabouts.
    • Reducing speed in the centre of Unanderra to make the town centre safer and less congested.

    5.  Parking

    • Improve parking layouts and access in popular parking areas.
    • Change entry and exit arrangements in larger shopping centres to improve traffic flow.

    See the draft proposals located on the brochure on this exhibition page.

    What is Council doing to improve access to the Unanderra Railway Station?

    • Council will focus on making improvements to footpaths and improving connectivity to and from the railway station.
    • The provision of lifts at the station is of significant interest to the local community and Council has made representations – through the Lord Mayor – to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure about this matter. Transport for NSW is responsible for decisions related to the installation of lifts at the station. 

    How can I comment on the Draft Unanderra Access and Movement Strategy?

    You can provide feedback online by completing the feedback form on this website.

    Alternatively, you can email

    If you have further questions phone (02) 4227 7111

    What happens once the community has provided feedback?

    The feedback will be taken on board and a report will be prepared for a future Council meeting.

    In the short term Council is planning to undertake work on some urgent road safety black spots. For example, the installation of traffic lights on Central Road, Blackman Parade and Nudjia Road will commence in April 2016.