Why was Harry Graham Park selected for the trial bike track?

    We needed to remove bike jumps near the creek that were unsafe and causing erosion and environmental damage to the creek area. Rather than just remove the jumps, we saw an opportunity to work with local children and young people to create a facility that they wanted and valued in Figtree.

    Who was involved in the project?

    We invited local children and young people and their families to co-design and build a bike track at Harry Graham Park. We asked Iconic Trails to help us design the bike track and we held two days with the team to build the track.

    What have been the benefits of the track?

    The trial bike track in Harry Graham Park has been very popular so far, showing that a facility like this is enjoyed by local children and young people.

    Has the condition of the creek changed?

    Since we built the trial track we’ve seen an improvement in the condition of the creek area, where the previous unsafe jumps were.

    Why are you considering moving the track?

    Being the first bike track like this we have in the city, we always planned to review how it was going. We’ve learnt a lot and received some feedback already. Now, we want to hear from you about what has worked well and might be good to change, to help us find the most suitable location in Figtree.

    Why is Langson Avenue Park an alternative site?

    Since we built the track we’ve been able to review how its working and develop processes to help us decide where bike tracks can be located in our parks. We have completed assessments, safety audits, spoken with committees and had site meetings with other organisations, including the Police. This information helped us decide where a bike track could be placed at this site. In addition to the current site in Harry Graham Park, Langson Avenue Park was another site that was deemed suitable.

    Have you looked at other locations in Figtree?

    We’ve considered other locations and completed detailed assessments for sites nearby the current bike track. Langson Avenue Park was the other site that met our criteria as an option to seek community feedback on.

    How will safety be considered?

    The safety of pedestrians is very important and we are planning any required safety measures at the long term site. This will include things such as permanent fencing to provide a barrier between pedestrians and bike track users.

    Have you already decided where the bike track will be located long term?

    No. We haven’t decided on where the track will be located. We will use community feedback and other information to help us find the most suitable location.

    Who is going to maintain the park in the future?

    We’re looking at using a Bush Care volunteer model to work with bike track users to help look after the track. This means that Council will work with and support a group of people to do maintenance.