Why are we doing this?

    To deliver on the community’s vision for a more creative and connected CBD, the Creative Wayfinding Program aims to contribute to a more pedestrian-friendly, vibrant and livable city. Elements such as signage, public artwork and seating will be used to invite people to explore the CBD’s unique offerings.

    To help us design the creative wayfinding project for Globe Lane, we would like to better understand how the community use and ‘see’ this laneway.

    Can I still access this space during this time?

    Yes you can. 

    However, some parts of Globe Lane will be cordoned off during the signage and seating installation period.

    What will the signage and seats be?

    An Artist will be engaged to create the design.

    The design will include consideration of artistic and operational requirements, site themes and community feedback.

    Who is designing it?

    Artists will be invited to submit an Expression of Interest to design the signage and seats.

    These Expressions of Interest will be assessed by a selection panel, made up of subject matter experts from Council and the community.

    The winning Artist will be contracted to design the signage and seating.