Why are we doing such extensive works?

    There is a large area where landslips occur, near the road. The geotechnical issues in this area are complex and difficult to resolve, due to the terrain. The works will reduce the risk of rocks falling onto the road and will help stabilise an area around Brandy and Water Creek.

    Why have these works taken so long to start?

    The escarpment is challenging to stabilise. To do so involves complex engineering to ensure the long term benefits of this road.

    We’ve done detailed planning to come up with the best solution to keep Harry Graham Drive safe for small and heavy vehicles. This has included test drilling on site and considerable geotechnical investigations.  

    Why do we need to close the road?

    We need to provide consistent safe access to the Contractor to undertake the works, including the location of plant and equipment on the road.  

    We also need to ensure safety of the community and residents, with potential rock falls and unstable ground conditions during the works.

    Which part of the road will be closed?

    The road closure will be around the works areas shown in the consultation plans on this page. The road will be closed to the south of the Motorcycle club entry and near the gates that are setup on Harry Graham Drive, to the north of Kembla Heights.

    Will the road be open on weekends?

    Unfortunately, opening the road isn’t feasible. Machinery and equipment will be on the road and ground conditions may be unstable for the duration of works. 

    Will the area around the work site be safe to walk/ride?

    Due to potential rock falls and unstable ground conditions, the area won’t be safe for any public activity.

    How will emergency services get through the closed area?

    The Contractor will have arrangements in place for the safe passage of emergency vehicles through the closed section of the road, if required.

    What will happen if there’s a fire in the area?

    The Contractor, in discussion with emergency services, will undertake the appropriate action to ensure the road works don’t impact on safe access to and from the area.

    Will there be other works to improve Harry Graham Drive in the future?

    Improvement works will be required in the future due to the condition of the road, in certain locations.