Opening hours - what are we considering?

    The changes we are proposing are:

    • The library will open at 9:30am Monday - Saturday.
    • The library will remain open across the lunch break (1-2pm) each weekday. 
    • The library will close at 5pm on all weekdays.
    • The library will remain closed on Sundays. 

    There would be a small increase in opening hours across the week. You can compare the current opening hours with the proposed opening hours in this table:

    Current opening hours
    Closed 1pm - 2pm weekdays
    Proposed opening hours
    Monday 10am - 1pm
    2pm - 6pm
    9:30am - 5pm
    Tuesday 10am - 1pm
    2pm - 7pm
    9:30am - 5pm
    Wednesday 10am - 1pm
    2pm - 6pm
    9:30am - 5pm
    Thursday 10am - 1pm
    2pm - 6pm
    9:30am - 5pm
    Friday 10am - 1pm
    2pm - 6pm
    9:30am - 5pm
    Saturday 9:30am - 1pm
    9:30am - 1pm
    Sunday ClosedClosed
    Total opening hours 39.5 hours41 hours

    Why are we considering new opening hours for the library?

    Many people in the 2508 community  have told us they would like to see Helensburgh Library  remain open between 1 – 2pm on weekdays.  

    Earlier this year, we also did a monitoring survey to find out when people were visiting the library,  and found that very few people visited the library after 5pm. 

    To better meet the needs of the local community, we are considering new opening hours for the library, including keeping the library open across that lunchtime period.

    This will allow people to visit during their lunch breaks.  It also means that visitors who attend morning programs, can choose to stay longer if they want to.

    Can we open for longer hours?

    We want to make access to the library as convenient as possible for the community. With the proposed opening hours, there is a small increase to the opening hours across the week. We are also looking at ways we can extend access to the library for visitors through an after-hours self-access service. 

    I usually visit the library in the evening. What can I do now?

    We are looking at ways where we can provide the community with after hours access to the library. This means that you could visit in the evenings, weekends or other times convenient to you. 

    You can tell us whether you would be interested in this service and let us know any feedback you have about it here. 

    What does after-hours access to the library mean?

    After-hours access to the library means you can visit outside of regular opening times, and without library staff on site. If we hear that this is something the community are really keen for, we will develop the process and procedures to support this. This could include things like organising access via swipe cards; an induction with staff; strict conditions and agreement on access and use of the facility. 

    What if I don’t how to use the self-service checkout?

    If we are to proceed with after-hours self-access, library staff will work with you to support your access to the library. This may happen through an initial meeting and an induction to show you how to access the building, use the self-service checkout and any other requirements. You would need to sign an agreement for conditions of use.