How many full swimming lanes will the pool have?

    The current pool has 6 full swim lanes. The new pool will maintain these 6 full lanes as well as provide additional area for recreational activities, group,activities and general play. There will be also be an accessible entry.

    Why isn’t the toddlers pool being kept?

    The Toddler Pool will be replaced with a zero-depth splash pad and a beach entry to the main pool.  These interactive zones will provide modern, fun waterplay features that will add capacity and amenity to the facility.   

    How big will the water splash pad be and what will it contain?

    The water play area, or splash pad as they are commonly referred to, will be approximately 250m2 in area. It will be interactive and designed to be inclusive, incorporating feature items (e.g. tipping buckets) and ground sprays that cater for various age groups and those with accessibility issues. 

    What is proposed for the pool amenities?

    The existing pool amenities are to be retained in the short term, i.e. 2-3 years after completion of the pool refurbishment. The amenities building will then be demolished and new accessible and changing place amenities for pool users incorporated into the new Community Centre and Library building located on the eastern edge of the pool site.

    How long will the pool be closed for to undertake the upgrade?

    Council will work with designers, the successful contractor and the funding authority to minimise service disruptions to the community. 

    Given the scale of the upgrade there will be a significant period of closure required, possibly up to 12 months, with the 24/25 swim season expected to be heavily impacted. 

    Council will continue to keep the community up to date with information on required closures as the project progresses.

    Where can I swim while the new pool is being built?

    Details on Council’s other pool facilities can be found on the “Our Pools” page of Council’s website. Alternatively, Engadine Leisure Centre is located 20km to the North.

    Will an entry fee be charged at the pool after the upgrade is completed?

    No, the pool will continue to be free for general entry.  Some fees will apply for booking lanes and events which are listed in councils advertised fees and charges schedule.   

    Will any trees need to be removed and will green space be lost?

    There is no tree removal currently proposed. Should any be required there will be appropriate compensatory planting in line with Council’s Urban Greening Strategy.  

    Where is the funding coming from to upgrade the pool?

    Council has secured $3,241,666 under the NSW Government Multi-Sport Community Facility Fund to contribute to delivery of the pool redevelopment project and the new lighting at the adjacent Rex Jackson Sportsfields. Council will provide the balance of the funding to deliver the projects.