What is the draft Hill 60 Landscape Master Plan about?

    Last year, Council worked with ‘Niche Environment & Heritage’ to undertake a review of the Hill 60 Conservation Management Plan and engage with key stakeholders and the local community on the future use and vision for the Hill 60 precinct. The outcome of that review process was to create the Draft Hill 60 Landscape Master Plan.

    This project aligns with a number of the Wollongong 2022 Community Goals, including that:

    • We value & protect our environment
    • We have an innovative & sustainable economy
    • We are a connected & engaged community
    • We are a healthy community in a liveable city

    Why do we need a Landscape Master Plan?

    The Hill 60 precinct contains an iconic headland and foreshore area with a rich Aboriginal and European history. A Landscape Master Plan allows Council to identify and prioritise the community’s vision for the precinct, then plan and implement the agreed improvements.

    The Landscape Master Plan will also identify areas and structures in need of maintenance thereby allowing Council to better plan for the ongoing management of Hill 60.




    What are the proposals for Hill 60?

    The draft Landscape Master Plan includes a range of proposals for Hill 60 which were raised by the community and in the review of the conservation management plan.  These are primarily focused on enhanced viewing areas for community use, greater interpretive signage and artwork, and improved pedestrian and vehicle access throughout Hill 60.

    The plan also proposes formalised walking tracks that celebrate the Aboriginal cultural heritage of the area, increased park furniture along MM Beach and investigations into the use of the military

    Specific detail of each of the proposals is outlined in the four Master Plan Concept Maps, located here in the document library. The Hill 60 Site Map illustrates the larger site, while the Concept Maps SK01-SK04 explain each and every proposal for the site.



    What happens next?

    Council will consider all community feedback submitted during the exhibition, before finalising the design of the Landscape Master Plan, which will then be reported to Council for adoption.

    Council will consider all community feedback submitted during the exhibition before finalising the Landscape Master Plan.  You can stay up to date with the development of the Plan via our website at www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au

    How can I Have my Say?

    Council is inviting the community to provide feedback on the draft Landscape Master Plan until 25 August 2015.

    The easiest way to provide your feedback on the draft Hill 60 Landscape Master Plan is to complete the feedback section of this website.

    Council officers will also be available to discuss the plans for the Hill 60 site at our community information session, details below:

    Saturday, 15 August
    10am – 12pm
    Port Kembla Senior Citizens Centre
    Allan St, Port Kembla