Who is Council working with on the design and construction?

    Council has contracted leading youth precinct and landscape architecture design and build company, CONVIC, to design and construct this new skate plaza. The company has extensive experience and expertise in the design and delivery of highly-awarded youth facilities, skate parks and landscapes. 

    The company has well-established connections with SbA (Skate Boarding Australia) and Parkour Victoria with regards to contemporary attitudes to wheeled-action sports and up-and-coming recreational action pursuits.

    Why are Council building a new skate plaza in Holborn Park?

    We are addressing ongoing community requests for new youth recreation areas, including skate plaza development. A skate strategy was developed and endorsed by Council in 2006, which identified the southern suburbs as lacking in leisure facilities and recommended the precinct be prioritised for future development.

    The construction of this skate plaza at Holborn Park is part of Council’s Wollongong 2022 plan to improve community leisure and cultural facilities.

    What has been the process so far?

    CONVIC’s skate park designers and landscape architects have worked closely with Council to design a unique skate plaza that meets strict requirements for the location.

    Last year, Council spoke with schools, young people, skaters, residents and other members of the community to involve them in the development of the plans for the skate plaza. Based on that feedback, the plans have now been finalised.

    What are the features of this new facility?

    The skate plaza will be a visually-dynamic facility that integrates with the surrounding landscape andpays homage to the steelworks and Port Kembla copper stack, an iconic feature in the local landscape that was demolished earlier this year.

    Skate features will appeal to a range of skaters, from beginners to expert. The skate features can be used across different styles, including street, transition and vert, with the opportunity to progress in skill.

    There are open spaces with urban design elements that skaters typically seek, such as rails, ledges and steps in a variety of materials.

    Skating is integral to the overall space, but refuge spaces, a basketball half-court and other areas where people can rest, relax, spectate, meet, socialise, play, participate, gather and create are also included. 

    Columns inspired by the chimney structures seen across the Wollongong skyline will be used as public art plinths for temporary and permanent art works.

    Other amenities include viewing areas with seating, a central shelter, rubbish bins, a drinking fountain, safety and feature signage and bike racks.Existing facilities include two shelters with seating, a toilet block, parking and a play area.

    Why isn’t there a bowl?

    The original design concept included a bowl, but a geotechnical investigation revealed soil conditions that are unsuitable for the construction of a bowl. The design was subsequently refined to respond to the existing soil conditions.

    How long will it take to build?

    Construction is expected to begin in August 2014. Allowing for wet weather and other delays, it is anticipated that construction will be completed during the summer months of 2015.

    What’s the budget?

    CONVIC have provided a design and construction costing of $850 000 in total, which breaks down to $700 000 for the skate plaza and $150 000 for the basketball half-court.

    Where can I get more information?

    The plans are available to view on this page and at Council’s Customer Service Centre. For more information, please call 4227 7111 or email council@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.