Why does the footbridge and jetty need to be refurbished?

    Work is needed to repair worn timbers on the jetty decking and footbridge to ensure it remains safe for the community to visit and enjoy. We will replace the timber decking with mini mesh.  This will impact some of the artwork on the decking.

    What will happen to the existing artwork on the jetty?

    Some artwork will be removed when the jetty timber is replaced with mini mesh.  The lead artists on the original project have received a deaccessioning letter from Council informing them the artwork on the bridge and the jetty will be removed.   They have acknowledged Councils’ letter and given us permission to proceed.

    No other artwork at Hooka Point will be affected by the work on the jetty.  The carved handrail, created as part of the 2004 art project, can be reinstalled once the refurbishment works are completed.  The bench seats on the water pavilion will be retained.  The sandstone pillars engraved with Aboriginal poetry and the timber seat off the jetty will remain.

    Please click here to see some of the existing artwork

    When will the refurbishment take place?

    The construction is planned to commence about mid-year 2022 and will take about 3 months to complete. Replacing the artwork on the decking will be part of a separate project.

    During this time you will be unable to cross the bridge, however, there is a path you can follow which will lead you to the same destination. See map here

    How will Council protect the sensitive environment of Hooka Point?

    Council has already spoken to the Traditional Owners as this site has significance for the Aboriginal community.  We have also completed a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to ensure any work on the site is carried out safely.

    Why is Hooka Point called the Place of Healing?

    Hooka Point Place of Healing and Wellbeing came from a vision by parents with leukemia. In 2001 there was an event called "Bright Lives", the purpose of the event was to channel feelings of anger into the celebration of life and healing. 

    What is a "Place of Healing"?
    Healing can be a difficult concept to unpack. It differs for every person, according to their life experience, cultural background, religion, gender. For some, healing is what needs to happen when one is sick. For others, healing is a process that defines a personal spiritual transformation. Healing can be used to embrace social conflict, issues with the environment, racism, war, internal and external pain. There are plenty of ways you can heal, it's the simple moments, going for a walk with your dog, playing with your children, being content with yourself. in your environment. It's those small moments that make the biggest differences, the sort of healing the parents involved in "Bright Lives" wanted to celebrate. The moments we may take for granted.

    Will I still be able to visit the place of healing with my family during the refurbishment?

    To keep everyone safe during the work, the jetty and footbridge will be closed.  The construction site will be fenced off during the refurbishment.  You can still cross the creek by walking further to the north of the jetty.  You can see the pedestrian and cyclist detour on the consultation plan

    How can I comment on the refurbishment?

    You can make comments on the plans to refurbish the jetty and footbridge, using the online survey feedback closes 1 November 2021