It's the Little Things!

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It’s the Little Things!

Recent stats show food makes up about 40% of the average household red-lidded general waste bin. Add this up Australia-wide and it’s easy to see how tonnes of food are dumped into landfill every day. Why not turn food waste into a resource? FOGO is an easy way to immediately start diverting food content from landfill.

Many Wollongong households involved in the FOGO trial have already noticed the diversion of contents from the red-lidded general waste bin. In addition, many households that already fill their recycling bin to the brim can enjoy diverting some of the pantry cardboard and paper into the FOGO bin as well. All these small changes to household waste practices add up to a big reduction in what goes into landfill.

Has the FOGO trial changed your outlook on what really needs to go into the red-lidded general waste bin?

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