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Now that residents in the trial areas have had a few months to get into FOGO, it’s easy to see how a busy family with four or more in the household can divert substantial amounts of food waste from landfill. The average family of four or five can fill up four compostable bags per week, a big help when every inch of the red-lidded bin is at a premium! What about the smaller households, a single person living alone or two people in a household. If they’re not generating much content, is it even worth it to FOGO?

The answer is a loud YES!

Between all the food scraps, takeout, tissues and paper around the house it all still adds up to something that goes into landfill, especially considering the volume of these odds and ends over the course of a year.

Here are a few comments from Solo FOGO:

I feel silly putting my green bin on the kerb with only a little bit in it
It all adds up! Even If there are only one or two bags going into the FOGO bin, place it out for collection. To make room in your yellow lidded recycle bin you can divert all your paper and pantry cardboard (cardboard found in your pantry or freezer, contains no staples or plastic) into your FOGO bin. The kerbside collection truck is going past your place anyway and part of your waste management fees so take advantage of it!

It takes so long to fill the kitchen caddy there’s flies or odours
If there’s only a little food going into FOGO consider using a sealable container (like an ice cream bucket, yoghurt tub) and keep it in the fridge or freezer. This keeps your small amount of food waste off the kitchen bench and still accessible and easy to use.

I don’t cook much
Take away left overs, spoiled food and food scraps of all kinds can go into FOGO. Tissues, paper towel, shredded paper and newspapers can all go in. Don’t forget tea bags and coffee grounds!
When dining out try to avoid take away cutlery and packaging. Stay and sip out of a ceramic mug, enjoy your beautifully prepared meal on a plate with proper cutlery. The environment and your health will thank you!
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