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Did you know approximately a third of residents across the Illawarra have a compost, worm farm, bokashi, chickens or other means to reprocess their unwanted food scraps?

This is good news and demonstrates that residents already see the value in reusing food scraps which in turn will provide a nutrient rich compost for their garden.

While a range of food scraps can be placed into these options, there is also a large amount of food types which cannot be reprocessed in a home environment as the system will not reach necessary temperatures quick enough to deter smell and pests.

The solution for the rest is FOGO.

Having a home composting system in addition to placing other unwanted food scraps including leftover meals, sauces, dairy, meats and prawn shells into your FOGO bin = a complete solution to managing your food scraps.

A quick look at each system –


All food scraps and garden organics can go into the FOGO bin. No additional yard space is required as FOGO uses the current green lid bin provided as part of your kerbside collection service. A nutrient rich compost is produced, some of it which is reused by Council on local sports fields, reserves and tourist parks.


Compost bins, heaps or tumblers are a great way to turn your lawn clippings and leaves, weeds as well as unwanted fruit and vegie scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg cartons, egg shells, torn paper, vacuum cleaner dust and hair into an energy rich compost for your garden. Finished compost will help retain water in sandy soil, improve drainage in clay soil and help to prevent disease in your garden by keeping plants healthy. Suitable for yards.


Worm farms are ideal for single occupant households or within multi-unit dwellings if space is at a minimum. In ideal situations, they can eat equivalent to their body weight of food scraps a day. Food for your worm farm includes old flowers and leaves, fruit and vegie scraps, crushed egg shells, torn paper & cardboard, tea bags and coffee grounds. Worm castings are a rich soil conditioner or plant food.


Chickens are great pets and provide you access to the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious eggs around. While chickens eat almost anything, be aware of the foods they cannot eat including any mouldy food, parts of the avocado, green potatoes or green tomatoes to name a few. Chook poo offers a nearly unlimited supply of nutrients for your compost and garden.


All food scraps can go into a Bokashi bucket. This process relies on inoculated bran to ferment kitchen food scraps including meat and dairy. Once it is fermented, it is safe to be dug into your garden or mixed into your compost bin. A great way to increase the quantity of food waste you compost.

If you would like to polish up on your home composting skills or would like to attend a FREE workshop on either composting, worm farming, chickens in your backyard or bokashi, register your interest by emailing Council’s Green Team

The Green Team also have a range of Fact Sheets available on these topics.

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