What improvements are planned?

    Essential remediation works are planned to upgrade the sea wall along Judbooley Parade, Windang. The improvements will protect the existing embankment and maintain safe public access to the foreshore.

    How long will the work take and when will it start?

    It is anticipated that the work will commence in June 2016 and will take approximately six months to complete, subject to tides and coastal conditions.

    How will I be affected?

    Hours of construction will be 7am till 6pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays. Construction works are subject to tides, seas, and swell. As a result, when constructing the sea walls, work may be necessary outside the specified hours.

    A traffic management plan will be in place to ensure safe vehicle, cycle, and pedestrian access along Judbooley Parade, during the work.

    Judbooley Parade and the cul-de-sac at the end of the road will remain open during the work. However, parking in the cul-de-sac at the end of the road will not be permitted as this area will be used as a compound for the safe storage of plant and equipment.

    Will any parts of the foreshore be closed to public access during the work?

    Access to Judbooley Parade, the Reserve, the footpath to the wharf and most of the wharf, will remain available throughout construction. 

    The work will be completed in two stages. Stage 1 involves the construction of a new seawall west of the wharf. The foreshore area west of the wharf, up to the caravan park, has already been closed for public safety. This area will remain closed during Stage 1 of construction.

    Stage 1 of construction: A small section of the wharf will also be closed during Stage 1 to store construction materials. The majority of the wharf will remain accessible. 

    Most of the seawall, west of the wharf, will be constructed from a barge located off-shore. The barge will be assembled in Lake Illawarra and towed into position to complete the work. Any on-shore construction work required during Stage 1 will be restricted to the lower pathway along the foreshore. 

    Stage 2 of construction: Involves the seawall along the foreshore area east of the wharf including the small beach area, up to the bridge. The area near the seawall will be closed to public access during Stage 2. The beach will remain accessible.

    Will I be able to fish in this area during the work?

    Council understands that this is a popular fishing spot and will endeavour to keep as much of the area as possible open for recreational use. 

    Sedimentation control barriers will be placed around the seawalls to protect the aquatic environment during construction. Most of the wharf will remain open and available for licensed recreational fishing.

    Have environmental and heritage issues been considered?

    A Review of Environmental Factors will be prepared and the recommendations will be implemented. Environmental issues to be managed include erosion and sediment control, tides, seas and swells. 

    Council will consult with the registered Aboriginal parties prior to the works commencing. Council has liaised and sought approvals from a number of authorities affected by these works. 

    How can I comment on the planned work?

    Council will consult the community about the proposed works prior to implementation. You can provide input at the scheduled community engagement kiosk or via the feedback form on this webpage during the exhibition period.

    Other options for providing feedback include emailing engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au or faxing (02) 4227 7580.