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How should we manage noise?

over 6 years ago

The Live Music Taskforce has been considering the issue of noise in the city and suburban centres.

Noise is not only generated by live music venues but also from outdoor dining, patrons leaving cinemas, theatres etc. The Taskforce is interested in views on how Council manages the issue of noise so that we can support the growth of a vibrant city and suburbs whilst meeting the needs of the residents in these areas.

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Consultation has concluded

  • Iblomley over 6 years ago
    I don't think noise levels are really the problem. Is it really that noisy down there. No, not really. I wish it was noisier, that would mean there were more people getting involved in a great social scene and having a good time. The problem for me is not caused by noise from patrons but the actions of those patrons who are intoxicated. People who can't handle their drinks and/or people who become vandals and criminals destroying property and looking for trouble. Loud noises do not commit offences, drunk idiots do. They are the real nuisance! More police on the street at certain times will solve that problem for you! Stop blaming the music!
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  • Tympanist over 6 years ago
    Apply some limit to the volume of sound. Many venues run sound levels that are damaging to hearing of the patrons not to mention the staff of the venue. Currently the only legislation I can find that has some bearing on this is that the Council can act on sound levels outside the building that are above the DA. (But cannot control sound levels inside). The other is OH&S legislation about management's duty of care to staff, e.g. bar staff to protect their hearing. Often they are issued with earplugs that hinder the taking of drink orders etc and are removed. It is difficult to determine if this duty of care extends to patrons. This is particularly concerning where young people are involved. There needs to be some way of managing the sound level within a venue that makes it comfortable for patrons. This would also reduce the problem of sound escaping from venues into the surrounding community. Safe sound levels are in the order 100dB(A)
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  • Scottl64 over 6 years ago
    Manage it by making people realise it is part of an urban inner city environment. Just like buying land next to an airport. Lets not be so stupid as sydney with airport curfews restricting business to pacify a few people whinging about the nose from the airport. If people buy in the inner city they should expect to hear all the city noises, particularly live music, crowd noise, noisy patrons leaving venues etc etc especially on weekends. If we try to 'manage ' this then where does it stop? I live near the park and the stadium. Can i start whinging and expecting council to 'manage' the noise on game days or when events are on. How stupid do we want to get with this? I know its Australia and we are worldleaders in stupidity with this sort of stuff but lets try to have some common sense...or at least try to manage that.
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