Why has the draft Mobile Food Vending Policy been developed?

    In November 2018, following a Notice of Motion, Council committed to a review of food truck policies that would consider identifying appropriate locations for mobile food vending; identifying spaces in need of activation and diverse food options and developing a process in which mobile food trucks and vans could trade on public land.

    This draft Policy and trial provides the community with new opportunities while supporting food trucks and vans to be flexible and adaptable in the way they trade. Mobile food vending is one way to encourage people to visit an area, increase vibrancy and increase enjoyment of public land by community.

    The draft policy will guide where and how these businesses can trade in different locations.

    When will the mobile food vending trial start?

    The trial will occur over summer, when many people like to be outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather and the longer daylight hours. The trial will provide an opportunity for more people to spend time outdoors, support local businesses and enjoy some fun and different food options in different spaces.

    The trial will be happening while the policy is on public exhibition. We will be seeking feedback from both the community and vendors involved before the Policy is finalised in 2022.

    Can't food trucks and vans already sell food in different locations?

    Currently, we don’t have a Policy that allows vendors to regularly trade on public lands. The vans and trucks you see around town are either at specific events (Council or private), or they may be trading on private land such as in car parks, petrol stations etc. There are a few vans that currently trade on public land such as Flagstaff Hill in Wollongong. These have been approved via an open formal quotation process. They have a licence agreement and pay a licence fee for this use.

    What is the difference between a food truck and a food van?

    Both food trucks and vans are able to sell food and drink. Typically, vans may be smaller and sell drinks and/or desserts, or pre-prepared food such as coffee vans and ice cream vans. Food trucks often are preparing food or cooking food on site for sale. Both are permitted under the Policy.

    Which food trucks and vans will be part of the trial?

    All eligible mobile food vending businesses in the area are welcome to apply. There will be an open application process with the selected food trucks and vans then able to participate in the trial. Visit our website for more information on the application process.

    Which locations will be part of the trial?

    There are specific locations selected as part of this trial. From Stanwell Park to Windang, they are public open spaces that are under Wollongong Council ownership or management. They are close to playgrounds, beaches, walking tracks and recreation spaces. They include (from North to South):

    Click on the location name above to see a PDF map of the area. You can also see an LGA overview map of the locations, or see locations on this interactive map.

    Note that there may be changes or additions to locations through the course of the trial. All documents will be updated accordingly.

    Why were these locations chosen?

    The locations were considered and assessed according to criteria, including:

    • Public spaces in need of diverse food options and activation.
    • Where possible, near public spaces that have toilets, bins and spaces to sit.
    • Closely located to public places where local community and families may already visit or spend time at.
    • Distance from existing businesses and residences.
    • Safety and access.
    • Space to park and serve.

    How do I know when and where a food truck or van might be?

    As part of the trial, only a certain number of food trucks and vans will be permitted to trade in specific locations and at different times. The trial also guides the hours that food trucks and vans can operate in each location. The best way to know when and where a food truck may be is to follow them on social media. They can provide updates in real-time and the information will be current and relevant.

    What if i would like to see food trucks and vans at a park/beach/reserve near me?

    There have been specific locations identified as part of this mobile food vending trial. These went through a selection and assessment process to make sure they were suitable for this type of activity. If you have suggestions or ideas about the policy and/or locations, please leave your comments in the feedback form.

    When and how can I give feedback?

    We will be seeking feedback at different points in time during the trial.

    If you have general feedback about the policy, you can leave your comments in the feedback form.

    Once the trial starts, we will be seeking more specific feedback about your experience of the mobile food vending trial. If you visit one or more of the locations and/or experienced a food truck or van, you will be able to complete a survey.

    Signs will also be placed at every location with a QR code that you can scan to access more information or to complete the survey. Any food trucks or vans involved in the trial will also display a poster with the QR code linking to the survey.

    You can also: 

    How will my feedback be used?

    During the engagement period, we will be asking both the community and the mobile food vendors to provide feedback on the trial. At the end of this period, all feedback will be considered by the project team.

    If you register for project updates, we can keep you informed of progress.