We have a Vision Document for Mt Keira why do we need a plan of management?

    The Vision reflects the aspirations of the community and stakeholders to preserve and enhance the natural, cultural and scenic values of the Mt Keira Summit Park.  I will now be used to inform the preparation of Plan of Management and the Concept Landscape Master Plan. 

    What is a Plan of Management?

    The Plan of Management (PoM) will establish the way the Summit Park can be used in accordance with the vision and will provide a set of management objectives and strategies.  The PoM will take a values based approach to land planning and management.  The key values, role and purpose of the Summit Park will be identified so these attributes can be enhanced. A PoM for the reserve is a requirement of the Local Government Act.

    TRC Tourism has been commissioned by Wollongong City Council to prepare the draft PoM.

    What is a concept landscape master plan?

    The concept landscape master plan is an overarching visual plan for the Summit Park that will provide guidance on the future layout and intent of the site.  The concept landscape master plan and the PoM will be prepared concurrently over the next few months. Wollongong City Council staff will prepare the concept landscape master plan and will be guided by the development of the PoM.

    Who can attend the Community Workshop and what is its purpose?

    Community members are invited to register their interest to attend the Community Workshop by completing the registration form on this website by 9 September. 

    The purpose of the workshop is to bring stakeholders and community together to discuss the content of the draft Plan of Management and concept plan ideas and discuss opportunities for the Mt Keira Summit Park.

    The workshop will be held on Tuesday 13 September from 6pm to 8pm. 

    How can I have my say?

    Over the next months there will be opportunities for the community to get involved and help shape the development of the plan of management and the concept landscape master plan.

    Initially, you can register your interest in attending the community workshop. 

    Details of other opportunities will be announced when finalised.