Why is Council suggesting a footpath?

    Murphys Avenue has high demand for parking by students and employees of the university. This has created significant numbers of pedestrians walking between their cars and the university through the Botanic Gardens. Having limited paving, the current grass verges are worn to the underlying earth, can be muddy when wet and have exposed tree roots. The proposed footpath will improve pedestrian safety and access to the area. Additionally, the footpath design has taken into consideration preservation of trees, existing community usage, location of transport services and connectivity to existing and proposed pathways.

    What are the details of the footpath design?

    Due to funding constraints, a footpath can only be constructed on one side of the road. As such, two concept designs have been prepared, one for each side of Murphys Avenue. Residents and users of the area are being asked to indicate their preference for which side the footpath should be constructed and to provide feedback on the proposal. 

    What are the considerations?

    There is an obvious well worn track on the north side that indicates the majority of pedestrian traffic uses this side of the road, particularly with people walking to the university. Even with a new path constructed on the south side it is likely that pedestrians will continue to use the worn track on the north side.

    Three trees may need to be removed from the north side. Tree removal on the south side may be less likely however the character will change with the path running along residential verges and across driveways. The path on the south side will also be interrupted by crossing Rosedale Avenue, Braeside Avenue and Grey Street.

    How long will the project take?

    The work is scheduled to occur in 2017 and will be completed as quickly as possible to ensure minimal disruption to the community. 

    How will I be affected during the works?

    Parking along the side of the street that the footpath is to be constructed may be restricted while the construction is underway. Every effort will be made to keep this inconvenience to a minimum. Provisions will be made to allow residents and their visitors to access their properties. Traffic control may be required along Murphys Avenue during construction.

    How will Council make a decision about which option to implement?

    Council will review the community feedback and take into consideration pedestrian safety, costing of the options and design factors.

    Following Council’s consideration of the feedback, residents in the immediate area will be advised by letter of the final plan for the footpath and the schedule for the commencement of work.