What is a Neighbourhood Forum?

    Neighbourhood Forums are community groups that are independent from Council and who meet to discuss local issues. Council supports the forums through venue hire and actively engages with the Neighbourhood Forums on relevant plans and projects, providing guest speakers when necessary.

    What is a convenor? What do they have to do?

    The convenor runs the meeting each month. They create an agenda, approve speakers, facilitate balanced discussion and distribute information to participants. The convenor also liaises with Council about Forum business and let Council know when there is a change of convenors.

    Why should I get involved?

    It’s an opportunity for you to take an active role in joining the conversation about your local area, and making it a better place to live, work and play. Each Forum acts as one point of contact for Council’s broader engagement with the community and they aim to:

    • Share and express concerns and aspirations for their local area
    • Support and promote the best interests of the community
    • Find out about Council’s services, facilities and plans
    • Provide feedback about current and future Council business

    Will I need training?

    No formal training is needed to participate.

    How can I get involved?

    On 19 March there will be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where you can have your say and nominate yourself or others as convenor, co-convenor or secretary. Adults who live, work or own real property in the Forum boundary area are eligible to hold these positions.

    When and where do Neighbourhood Forum 3 meetings take place?

    At 7pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Thirroul Library and Community Centre

    Is the meeting venue accessible for people with a disability?


    Can I bring my children to meetings?

    Of course! The more the merrier. 

    Does it cost anything to run a Forum?

    A Council-owned room is provided free-of-charge to the Forum for 10 meetings per year. Council will reimburse expenses that relate directly to tasks completed for Forum business, e.g. for basic stationery, up to $250 per forum per year with receipts. 

    How do we keep up-to-date with what’s been discussed at Forum meetings?

    Information is available on the Neighbourhood Forum section of Council’s website or by attending Forum meetings. Meeting agendas and minutes for each forum are sent out prior to the meeting by the Convenor or nominated representative to attendees and Council for publishing on Council's website.

    How do I get nominated for the position of Convenor, Co-Convenor or Secretary?

    Someone in your community can  nominate you, or you can nominate yourself at the AGM. Attendees at the AGM will vote on who they want to fulfil each of these roles.

    When is the election for these positions?

    Tuesday 19 March 2019, 7pm