What is the draft Our Wollongong 2028 Community Strategic Plan?

    A Community Strategic Plan is a 10 year plan that identifies the community’s vision for the future. It outlines the community’s priorities and aspirations, and how these can be achieved. The Community Strategic Plan consists of:

    • A Community Vision
    • Six Community Goals
    • Twenty two Objectives
    • Sixty Strategies

    What does Our Wollongong 2028 strategic planning document suite include?

    These documents include:

    • Draft Our Wollongong 2028 Community Strategic Plan
    • Draft Our Resourcing Strategy
    • Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plans 2018-2021.

    Attachments to this document include the draft Operational & Capital Budget 2018-2021, Revenue Policy Fees and Charges 2018-2019 and the draft Infrastructure Delivery Program 2018-2022.

    What information was considered in development of the draft Our Wollongong 2028 documents?

    Extensive community engagement was carried out to inform the draft strategic planning documents. In November 2017, Council exhibited a Discussion Paper to invite input from the community, businesses and government on their aspirations for the next 10 years.

    The feedback gathered at various engagement activities along with the results of an online survey included key insights into the community’s aspirations for the next 10 years. The results of the 2017 Community Satisfaction Survey were also an important source of information along with ongoing community and stakeholder feedback received on other Council plans, projects and services.

    What is a draft Our Resourcing Strategy?

    The draft Our Resourcing Strategy outlines how Council will allocate resources (finances, assets, people and technology) to achieve the vision and goals set out in Our Wollongong 2028. The Strategy identifies how we best plan, develop and utilise our resources to enhance performance of our business so we can deliver better outcomes for our community. The draft Our Resourcing Strategy includes a draft Long Term Financial Plan, draft Strategic Asset Management Policy, draft Workforce Strategy and draft
    Information Management and Technology Strategy.

    What is the draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2018-2021?

    The Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plans 2018-2022 outline actions Council will undertake to achieve the objectives and strategies outlined in the Our Wollongong 2028 Community Strategic Plan. The document includes:

    • Attachment 1 - Draft Operational and Capital Budget 2018-21. The Operational budget outlines how Council will spend community funds on day to day service provision and operating the organisation. The Capital Budget outlines the allocation of expenditure relating to infrastructure assets.

    • Attachment 2 - Draft Infrastructure Delivery Program 2018-2022. This document presents Council’s commitments to ongoing investment in infrastructure. This includes infrastructure such as footpaths, community buildings, pools, roads and stormwater pipes that exist to support the delivery of a diverse range of valued community services.

    • Attachment 3 - Draft Revenue Policy, Fees & Charges 2018-19. This document outlines the fees, charges and rates charged by Council in each financial year.

    What is the Community Engagement Report Our Wollongong 2028?

    This report outlines the activities and results from the engagement period undertaken in November 2017 coinciding with the release of Our Wollongong 2028 Discussion Paper.

    Note: The Community Engagement Report Our Wollongong 2028 is an informing document and not receiving submissions.

    What is the Community Satisfaction Survey Results 2017?

    This report displays the results from IRIS’s community satisfaction survey. 608 residents were randomly selected and asked questions to see how we are tracking against the goals in the Community Strategic Plan. This information was used in the preparation of the draft Community Strategic Plan.

    Note: The Community Satisfaction Survey Results 2017 is an informing document and not receiving submissions.

    What is the Community Indicators Dictionary?

    This report presents a clear definition of each indicator, baseline and current data and source. These indicators will be tracked over time to measure whether our collective efforts are contributing to the aspirations in the community strategic plan.

    Note: The Community Indicators Dictionary is an informing document and not receiving submissions.

    What will happen to my feedback or submission?

    The exhibition of the suite of draft Our Wollongong 2028 documents will run from 9 April to 7 May 2018.
    All feedback and submissions received will be considered in the preparation of the final documents. All submissions will be reported to Council along with updated plans in late June 2018.

    How can I get a copy of the draft plans?

    You can access the draft strategic planning documents on Council’s website, by visiting Council’s libraries or by contacting Council. Draft documents will also be available at the engagement activities listed below.

    Neighbourhood Forum 5 Wollongong
    Wednesday 4 April 2018, 7pm
    Wollongong Town Hall (Crown Street, Wollongong)

    Thirroul Seaside Festival
    Saturday 7 April 2018, 10am-2pm
    Library Precinct (356 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul)

    Neighbourhood Forum 1 Helensburgh
    Wednesday 11 April 2018, 7pm
    Helensburgh Community Centre (Walker Street Helensburgh)

    Neighbourhood Forum 8 Dapto
    Wednesday 11 April 2018. 7pm
    Dapto Ribbonwood Centre (Princes Highway Dapto)

    Eat Street Markets
    Thursday 12 April 2018, 5.30pm-7pm
    Crown Street Mall, Wollongong

    Neighbourhood Forum 7 Berkeley
    Tuesday 17 April 2018, 6pm
    Collegians, Port Kembla Leagues Club (Wentworth Street, Port Kembla)

    Neighbourhood Forum 3 Thirroul
    Tuesday 17 April 2018, 7pm
    Thirroul Community Centre (Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul)

    Warrawong Markets
    Saturday 21 April, 9am-11am
    By the Lake, Northcliffe Drive, Warrawong (opposite Bunnings)

    Neighbourhood Forum 4 Corrimal
    Tuesday 1 May, 7pm
    Towradgi Community Hall (Cnr Towradgi & Moray Rds, Towradgi)

    How can I have my say?

    We invite you to have your say on the draft Plans which will be on public exhibition from 9 April to 5pm 7 May 2018. During this period you can have your say via the following:

    Attend: One of the engagement activities listed in the FAQ above

    Write to:
    Wollongong 2028
    Attention: Executive Strategy
    Wollongong City Council
    Locked Bag 8821 WOLLONGONG DC NSW 2500

    Website: Using the form at Council’s Have Your Say website: www.haveyoursaywollongong.com.au

    Your comments must be received by 5pm, Monday 7 May 2018.