How is a Community Safety Plan developed?

    The Community Safety Plan is a strategic plan of actions that enable Council, together with community stakeholders, other levels of government and the business sector, to strengthen communities and achieve inclusive places and spaces, where crime is prevented, and people feel and are safer.

    The Community Safety Plan is developed using data from government sources as well as local crime intelligence and information from the community.  

    Information is collected through consultations with internal and external stakeholders and partners as well as the community.

    A draft Plan is then developed and placed on public exhibition for further comment. The Plan includes strategies focusing on community safety and targeting specific localised crimes.

    What do we want to find out?

    We would like to know about any unsafe experiences you, friends or family have had in the past 12 months in the Wollongong area.   

    This could be where you were a victim of a crime or physically or verbally abused, or if you were harassed, threatened or felt that the place or environment you were in was unsafe. 

    Also, if you witnessed any such events or were told of experiences by members of your family or friends.

    Your perceptions of safety are also important to us, so we would like to know about experiences where you felt fearful or you perceived that you were unsafe. 

    Have you avoided some places because they felt threatening or unwelcoming? 

    The experiences you tell us are important for the development of the new Community Safety Plan 2021-2025 whether or not they have been reported to police or other authorities. 

    I feel unsure about providing personal information

    The information you provide in this survey remains anonymous. 

    If this survey has raised any personal issues, please contact Lifeline on 131114.

    To report an incident (anonymously), please call the Police Assistance Line on 131444

    What happens to the information I provide?

    The experiences you tell us about will be collated in a report that will be used to develop the Community Safety Plan 2021-2025. This information forms part of the data collected from all sources to draft the new Community Safety Plan.

    The Plan will guide actions that target areas of community concern and help create a safer environment for all.