What is the Port Kembla Revitalisation Plan about?

    The Plan is a suburb wide study which seeks to understand the history of Port Kembla, set forward goals and aspirations to improve the area. In collaboration with the community, business and government, this Plan will set the vision and planning direction for carrying out improvements, changing planning policy and supporting the community into the future.

    Was my feedback used in the Plans development?

    Council has review all community feedback, received through out the multiple engagement activities.

    Taking into consideration community priorities, costing of the options and future capital budgets. Together we have now developed, a Port Kembla Revitalisation Plan, it is being placed on exhibition, for further comment.

    What parts of Port Kembla are included?

    The entire suburb of Port Kembla 2505, excluding the Port Lands.

    Are planning controls changing?

    The Plan may identify changes to planning controls like land zones, and building heights.  These would need to be clearly identified and communicated with the community as a draft to get feedback. Planning controls were investigated as apart of the study, but at this stage no changes to planning controls have been made.

    How does the Revitalisation Plan effect me?

    The Plan is for everyone who lives, works or visits Port Kembla.

    Businesses, government agencies and community have an important role in making Port Kembla an interesting, fun, healthy and safe place to be.

    This Plan will bring all these ideas together to create one vision for the future with a clear plan and ‘to do list’ for the whole suburb (excluding the Port Lands). 

    How can I find out more ?

    Visit Council’s website; http://www.haveyoursaywollongong.com.au/pk2505-revitalisation-plan,

    Customer Service Centre, Wollongong or Warrawong Libraries. OR

    Email:engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au ,

    Phone: 4227 7111

    Mail: Wollongong City Council, Locked Bag 8821, Wollongong  NSW  2500