What is the background to this project?

    In 2017, Council conducted targeted community engagement seeking views on a new Library for Helensburgh.  During the planning for this long-term project, Council considered the option of combining the Community Centre and Library to create an integrated community hub. 

    Feedback received in the 2019 initial community engagement for the Helensburgh Town Centre Plan, suggested the community also had a desire for a combined Community Centre and Library facility.

    In 2020, we asked what people wanted to see and do in a new Community Centre, and raised the option of a combined facility. We heard again from members of the community that having an integrated facility would be preferred.

    We're now working to find the best location for this combined facility.


    Where will the new community centre and library be located?

    Council aims to locate the combined Community Centre and Library where there is an opportunity to activate and contribute to the life of the town centre. We are considering a number of site options. Each available site within the town centre has opportunities and constraints. Some of the things that need to be considered include access , egress and parking; topography and site conditions including traffic; size of site and the design allowances. Some of the sites have constraints such as bushfire hazard; car parking; traffic and pedestrian access; development zoning; land ownership and acquisition costs, all of which may be a lengthy process to resolve. 

    We'll let the community know our preferred site once we've worked through these challenges.

    Once a site has been chosen, a concept design will be created which we'll share with the community for further feedback.

    What are the benefits of having a co-located facility?

     The benefits of having a co-located facility, that combines the community centre and library include:

    • Increased levels of community interaction, connectivity and social inclusion
    • Activation of the area and improved safety 
    • Efficient use of public money - for the building development itself and for its running costs, and
    • Convenience for users - a one-stop shop!

    Why are you asking about the Community Centre and Library now?

    While we're working through finding the best location for the new facility, we're also checking back in with the community to inform the creation of a concept design.

    We want to hear whether what you said about a new library in 2017 and a new community centre in 2020, holds true for the combined facility. Did we miss anything? Do you have additional thoughts inspired by this new opportunity?

    The concept design will be created once the location has been identified. We'll share this with the community for further feedback.

    What is the expected timeline for the project?

    We're currently on track to deliver the facility by 2027. 

    What have you heard from the community?

    We heard that you’d like to have: 

    • An integrated Community Centre and Library that’s welcoming, friendly and located within the Helensburgh Town Centre
    • A building with lots of natural light
    • Eco-friendly design that incorporates the distinctive Helensburgh coastal landscape 
    • Lots of lounges, comfortable seating and quiet spaces for relaxation and reading
    • Better access to internet services and technology 
    • A design that values accessibility, including access to parking and extended opening hours
    • Diverse spaces for different types of activities and events such as having a coffee, book clubs, music performances, arts and craft workshops, children's activities, poetry reading, meeting spaces as well as space to exercise, dance and do yoga.

    Thank you to all those who provided feedback on the Helensburgh Library of the Future and Helensburgh Community Centre engagements.

    See the summary of feedback for details.

    What will happen to the existing community centre and existing library?

     We are still in planning stages, so we are unable to say what will happen to the existing Helensburgh Community Centre building or Helensburgh Library. We are investigating possible options and we'll come back to the community to discuss these.

    What community services will be provided at the new combined facility?

    We anticipate that the new facility would continue to deliver similar types of community and library services and activities that are currently provided. We'll be working closely with staff from our community services and library teams.

    This is also an opportunity for you to share with us, what other services and activities you'd like to see in the new facility, to provide for Helensburgh and surrounding suburbs.

    When will the floor be repaired in the Helensburgh Community Centre's main hall?

     We are working to reopen the Community Centre's main hall in time for summer.

    During investigations to repair the floor damage to the main hall, mould was discovered in the space underneath. We’re fixing this underlying problem by drying out the space, removing the mould and installing a new sub-floor ventilation system as well as installing new floorboards. This process will take several months to complete.

    We thank the community for their patience as we undertake this essential work. This will ensure people can enjoy activities in the main hall for the rest of the building’s lifetime.

    How can I provide feedback?

    You can provide feedback in one of the following ways: 

    Last day to submit feedback is Monday 9 August 2021. 

    What will happen with my comments?

    Council will review all comments from the community.  This feedback will be used to inform the next steps in the process - the creation of a concept design. There will be further opportunities to provide feedback as planning for this facility progresses.

    What other projects are you working on in Helensburgh?

    Council has been working on a range of other projects in Helensburgh including:

    • Staged streetscape upgrades to increase pedestrian links and improve safety
    • Reopening the Community Centre's main hall in time for summer 
    • Netball courts refurbishment, and 
    • Synthetic pitch for soccer players at Rex Jackson Oval. 

    See the Helensburgh Community Update for details on these projects as well as for other upgrades in the pipeline.

    How do I book to attend an information session?

    To register your attendance at one of the online information sessions please follow the links below: