What is an Accessible Adult Change Facility?

    An Accessible Adult Change Facility (AACF) is a toilet and change facility for users with high support needs and their carers where they require additional space, assistance and specialised equipment to allow them to use toilets safely and comfortably. The completed AACF will be added to the National Public Toilet Map to help people with disability and their carers plan their trips. The design includes:

    • Height adjustable adult change table to more easily transfer a user with high support needs.
    • Peninsular toilet which ensures there is enough space around the toilet to allow wheelchair transfers or assistance from carers.
    • Traversable hoist to assist users and carers move between specialised equipment.
    • Handbasin at appropriate height for wheelchair users.
    • Auto entry sliding access door for easy access.
    • Increased space to allow wheelchair users and their carers to freely move about the change facility. 
    • Secured access only by holders of a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK).

    Why are you putting this facility in at Port Kembla Pool?

    We’ve had many conversations with our community about how important it is for Wollongong Council to continue to make its services, facilities, activities and information more inclusive and accessible. In addition to extensive community engagement undertaken to help set our goals in the Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2025, Port Kembla Beach was identified as one of four key beaches in the Beach and Foreshore Access Strategy 2019-2028 and we’ll be installing a beach access ramp here soon. Port Kembla was also identified as one of the locations for a new lift and change table in the Public Toilet Strategy 2019 – 2029.

    Aren’t there already accessible facilities at Port Kembla Pool?

    The Accessible Adult Change Facility is different to the accessible toilets currently available. It will provide the changing space and equipment needed for people with high support needs and their carers to plan their trip and enjoy this beautiful beach. 

    Port Kembla Pool has a ramp into the pool as well as a beach wheelchair available for use. We also have plans to install a beach access ramp. 

    Who will have access to the new Accessible Adult Change Facility?

    Only holders of a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) will have access to the new facility to prevent vandalism. The MLAK is a master key that fits into specially designed locks allowing 24-hour access to MLAK fitted accessible public facilities nationwide.

    What will change at the Port Kembla Pool Amenities?

    While services will remain the same, we’ll need to use part of the space currently used for the men’s open plan change area including the removal of 5 meters of bench seating. There will be 7 meters of bench seating remaining. Take a look at the Consultation Plan for layout details.

    Why do you need some space from the men’s change area?

    We need to use some space currently located in the men’s change area because it will provide the most cost effective and best access to the new facility. While the men's changing area will be reduced in the new layout, the number of showers and toilets will remain the same.

    When is construction planned and how long will it take?

    Construction is planned for Winter 2021 to minimise impacts and with good weather, take 8 approximately weeks. We’ll install construction notices around the site before work starts to let everybody know.

    What will happen during construction?

    Construction impacts may include temporary:

    • Changes to amenities and access
    • Provision of alternative toilet and change facilities 
    • Construction noise from equipment and vehicles
    • Use of some parking bays for site office, our equipment and vehicles
    • Changes to views while the temporary construction fencing is up

    Who is funding this project?

    This project is jointly funded by the Federal Government Local Roads & Community Infrastructure Fund and Wollongong City Council.

    Will the pool operation be affected by construction?

    No – the pool operation will not be affected by construction.

    Will the kiosk be able to operate during construction?

    Yes - the kiosk will be able to operate while works are underway. 

    How can I provide my feedback?

    Submit feedback online, email engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au or call us on (02) 4227 7111 by Monday 2 November 2020.

    Please read Council's Privacy Notification before submitting your feedback

    How will you use my feedback?

    For those who currently use this space, your feedback will help inform how we manage construction to minimise impacts wherever possible. For those who will use the Accessible Adult Change Facility, your feedback will help us better understand the needs of people with high support needs and their carers and inform future projects. 

    Please read Council's Privacy Notification before submitting your feedback.