What is a GPT device?

    A GPT is a device that is able to separate pollutants from stormwater. The separated pollutants are stored in a holding tank which can then be emptied, and the pollutants disposed of appropriately.

    Why is Council doing this?

    Council has decided to install a GPT device due to the large amount of rubbish being washed onto Port Kembla Beach from the stormwater system. The waste reduction objectives of installing a GPT are in alignment with Council’s Waste and Recovery Strategy.

    How does it work?

    The GPT uses screens to physically separate the rubbish from the stormwater. The screens allow the stormwater to pass through while retaining the rubbish on the screens. It is important to note that the GPT is designed to operate at a defined stormwater flow rate. If there is exceptionally heavy rain that causes larger flow rates than what the GPT was designed for, the GPT goes into bypass mode which allows all stormwater flows to go past the GPT without being cleaned. 

    What will I see?

    The stormwater quality improvement device will be located underground with only the concrete access covers visible from the surface.  The dimensions of the completed device will be approximately 15m x 5m.

    How was the location decided?

    Three possible locations were considered for the device. These locations were

    selected based on:

    ·  Proximity to the existing stormwater network

    ·  Height above the high tide level

    ·  Maximising the catchment area that is directed to the GPT

    ·  Clear access to the area for maintenance activities

    The locations selected for consideration as part of this study were:

    Location 1 – Port Kembla Beach Park

    Location 2 – King George V Carpark

    Location 3 – Military Road/King George V Oval Carpark

    King George V Carpark was the most suitable location for the GPT as it captured most of the Port Kembla catchment  while providing clear access and the least impact to other activities in the area.

    How will the device be maintained?

    The typical process for maintaining the GPT is as follows:

    ·  Temporarily closing of part of King George V Carpark to carry out cleaning works.

    ·  Removal of concrete covers.

    ·  Removal of captured pollutants using specialist machinery and disposal at licensed waste facility.

    ·  Replacement of GPT covers and re-opening of carpark.

    How often will the GPT require maintaining?

    The GPT will be maintained approximately once every three months to ensure the device is operating at optimal efficiency. Regular inspections of the device will be conducted to monitor the amount of rubbish being captured.

    What else is Council doing?

    Council will also install rubbish bins around the Port Kembla Beach carparks to improve convenience and encourage positive attitudes to rubbish disposal. 

    When will the works be carried out?

    We are planning to have the works constructed during winter of 2020.