What is a shared path?

    A shared path is a wide path for bike riders, pedestrians and others to use. They're often called 'bike tracks', but it's important to remember that these paths are there for all to share. Shared paths also cater for a wide range of skill levels and other users such as wheelchairs, skaters, scooters and roller blades.

    Using shared pathways is a great way to travel. It’s good for your health, the environment, and can even save you money. 

    You can find more information on the dedicated Cycling page on Council’s website: https://wollongong.nsw.gov.au/about/parking-transport/cycling/using-our-shared-pathways

    Why are we planning a shared path for this area?

    Providing shared pathways along major roads offers safety and convenience for both cyclists and pedestrians. In suburb centres where businesses are located, shared pathways increase activity for storefronts. 

    Shared paths promote more active transport users and less drivers, which is great for the environment and community health. They reduce traffic and improves access. For businesses, this means more foot traffic coming in and less car traffic passing by.

    How will the path connect Fairy Meadow with Wollongong?

    There are currently shared paths connecting North Wollongong station to the University of Wollongong main campus, along Porter Street, the Innovation Campus and the Coastline Cycleway along Montague St. 

    A future shared path along Elliotts Rd will connect the Fairy Meadow village centre to the Coastal Cycleway. The proposed shared path, along the Princes Highway between North Wollongong Station and Guest Avenue, Fairy Meadow, will link all these paths and provide a fantastic shared path connection for the Wollongong LGA. 

    Why put it on the western side?

    The path on the western side will connect more businesses and schools, while avoiding residential driveways.

    It has also been chosen as it is easier to link with the broad residential area to the west, suburb centres, TAFE, University of Wollongong and the existing cycling and pathway network. 

    Will there be a whole new path constructed?

    There is currently a shared path between Station St North Wollongong and Mount Ousley Rd. We’re proposing to upgrade this section of the path with wider pram ramps, line marking and signage.

    We’re proposing to construct a new shared user path between Mount Ousley Rd and Anama St. There will also be some additions to a small section of Mount Ousley Road and a short section required in front of Wollongong High School for the Performing Arts.

    How will my feedback be used?

    After the engagement period ends your feedback will be shared with the project team. The information we receive as part of this engagement will inform the final design.