Why is a name change required?

    The GNB has asked Council to engage the community in finding a solution to the problems associated with two suburbs in close proximity with the same name. This is creating confusion with deliveries and postal services, and has the potential for emergency service vehicles to be dispatched to the wrong destination. Feedback from the community will be used by Council to propose a solution to the GNB. The GNB provides Guidelines for determining place names and suburb boundaries at: www.gnb.nsw.gov.au.

    What are some possible options?

    Option A: Propose a prefix or suffix to the name “Penrose” (example: Penrose Meadows) or suggest a new name for the suburb. It could reflect a natural feature, have Aboriginal or historical significance, or other links to the current suburb location.

    Option B:  Merge the existing suburb of Penrose into the adjoining suburbs of Cleveland, Avondale and Marshall Mount. (See map in Document Library: Option B).

    This would place the rural properties fronting Marshall Mount Road into the suburb of Marshall Mount, consistent with the proposed future development of the Yallah / Marshall Mount precinct. A new boundary would run west from Huntley Road / Marshall Mount Road intersection along a natural ridge line to meet the Avondale boundary. The northern section of Penrose would be merged into Cleveland. The historical link to the name would be retained through Penrose Villa, Penrose Park and Penrose Drive.

    Can I propose an alternative solution?

    All community feedback will be considered in developing a response to the GNB. Only proposals that conform to GNB Guidelines will be put forward as possible solutions.

    How is a final determination made?

    Council will review the community feedback and may propose one or more solutions to the GNB for consideration. The GNB will consider the proposal along with the supporting evidence and the community engagement outcome.

    If approved, the GNB will advertise the adopted proposal, providing a further opportunity for community input before the GNB makes a final determination. The full process is outlined in the GNB Guidelines.

    What happens if the suburb name or the boundary changes?

    Council will notify the owners of all properties affected by the determination. The existing house numbers and road names will not be affected, only the suburb name would change.

    Council will make any required changes to signposting and maps and will modify its own records including rates information. Council will also notify the following:

    • Australia Post
    • Emergency Services
    • Utility and Telecommunication Services
    • Australian Electoral Commission
    • Valuer General’s Office NSW

    Property owners will need to notify other agencies or persons of the change to their address.

    How can I have my say?

    The easiest way to provide your feedback on the proposed name change for Penrose is to complete the feedback form available on this website, or from Wollongong Library, Dapto Library or Council's Customer Service Centre. For further questions please call 4227 7060 or email engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.