What type of facility is going to be installed?

    A unisex toilet facility with accessible toilets will be installed. Two separate self-cleaning toilets will be contained within one unit. Once the unit is in place, Council will work with the art community to create artwork for the exterior.

    Where is the toilet going to be located?

    The proposed location for this facility is on the grassed area between the former Integral Energy Building and the Wollongong Youth Centre, at the northern end of MacCabe Park. The unit will be orientated north/south with the doors facing eastwards along Burelli Street towards Church Street. Please see the site plan available to download from the Document Library.

    Why is the toilet going to be located on Burelli Street?

    The facility will be located on the northern end of MacCabe Park because previous consultations have identified a need for public toilets in this area. The site is also close to the bus stop and MacCabe Park playground. 

    As Burelli Street is one of the City’s main thoroughfares and the Church Street/Burelli Street intersection an area of high vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the site provides good passive surveillance. 

    Why isn’t the toilet going to be located in the Crown Street Mall?

    The refurbished Crown Street Mall is designed to encourage free-flowing pedestrian movement. The installation of a toilet facility would impede such movement.

    Why is the facility re-locatable?

    The facility is re-locatable to allow for flexibility should the toilet need to be moved in the future.

    When is the toilet facility going to be installed?

    Installation works are anticipated to commence mid-2015. Works are expected to take up to 2 months to complete.

    How can I have my say?

    Complete the feedback form. For more information, phone 4227 7060.