Why have these plans been developed?

    The draft plans for Wongawilli and West Dapto Roads form part of the West Dapto Access Strategy which is being carried out to address safety, congestion, increase access and improve connections for the growing population. The proposed plans provide details about what upgrades are planned for Wongawilli and West Dapto Roads to allow better access during times
    of heavy rain and increase safety by improving sight distances, widening lanes, constructing shared pathways, installing safety barriers and line marking. Once the community has provided feedback, the plans will be finalised and the project will start when the remainder of funding has been secured.

    What works are proposed?

    The proposed plans include upgrades to Wongawilli Road from Shone Avenue to Smiths Lane and along West Dapto road to approximately the overhead power line corridor. The proposed designs include widening the road to four lanes and shared pathways on either side. The plans include the construction of two bridges and upgrades to the rail crossing on Shone Avenue including the installation of traffic lights, boom gates and flashing lights. Works would also include safety barriers, signage, line marking and landscaping.

    It is proposed that a flood mitigation channel is constructed between the existing rail corridor and the southern boundary of the
    residential properties on Wongawilli Road.

    Overall the design aims to increase safety, improve amenity and provide better access for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

    Will all four road lanes be used after construction?

    Initially only the two middle lanes will be used for traffic. The outside lanes will be designed to be used for parking until there
    is a need for the four lanes to be used, which is anticipated to be approximately 10-15 years away.

    How big are the bridges?

    The bridge located on Wongawilli Road, is approximately 30 metres long. The bridge, located on West Dapto Road, is
    approximately 45 metres long. Both bridges have 4 traffic lanes and 2 shared pathways.

    What flood prevention measures are being undertaken?

    The proposed design includes a solution to address flooding issues in the area. It is proposed that a flood mitigation channel is
    constructed between the existing rail corridor and the southern boundary of the properties on Wongawilli Road. The flood mitigation channel will formalise and redirect the natural water flow into a nearby creek. There will be a need to acquire an easement (the right to use the land for a particular purpose) through this area. Council has been working with these property owners.

    What will the flood mitigation channel look like?

    The proposed channel will be mostly unnoticeable. It will be a wide, shallow, grass lined channel with a small low flow channel to one side.

    How will the changes improve effects from flooding?

    The new roads will provide significantly better access during periods of heavy rain and flooding. The new roads are being designed to remain accessible in a 1 in 100 year flood event.

    The flood mitigation channel will redirect floodwater to a nearby creek reducing the risk and effects of flooding on properties in the area.

    How will safety be improved at the level crossing intersection?

    The concept design proposes a road realignment which makes the line of sight and approach safer. The installation of traffic
    lights, boom gates and flashing lights at the level crossing intersection are also proposed, this includes dedicated pedestrian and cyclists gates and lights.

    How will I find out when works will start?

    Residents in the area will be notified in writing about the construction schedule and any major changes that may arise. Information will also be made available to the general public via Councils website.

    What works will occur at the front of my property?

    Council would utilise the existing Council nature strip that adjoins the properties on the southern side of Wongawilli Road as part of the new road corridor. There would be no impact on the boundary of houses on the southern side, however, the purchase of some land will be necessary from properties on the northern side of Wongawilli Road and West Dapto Road.

    What will happen to the power poles?

    Some service relocations will need to occur to accommodate a wider road, including the power poles. These would be relocated to the north with the domestic supply sent underground.

    Will there be any impact on services to my house, ie phone/electricity/water/ gas?

    Residents may experience minor disruption to their services during construction, however, you will receive advance notice.

    When will construction works commence/finish?

    It is anticipated that construction will commence in 2016 and take approximately 18 months to complete. The project currently requires additional funding before construction can commence, therefore construction start date cannot be finalised.

    Will the roads be closed during construction?

    It is anticipated that the roads will not be completely closed, however, at some stages partial closures may be required. Traffic
    control will occur as required.

    How will I access my driveway during construction?

    Provisions will be made during construction to allow residents and their visitors to access their properties under traffic control

    Can we still access the community hall?

    Access to the community hall will be maintained during construction.

    How much will the project cost?

    The preliminary estimated cost is approximately $24 to $28million. This is based on the current concept design and is subject to change.

    Who is funding the works?

    Funding for these works is primarily from developer contributions under the West Dapto Section 94 Plan and a Federal Government Grant through the Building Better Regional Cities program with some funding from Council’s general revenue. Additional funding still needs to be secured before the project can go ahead.

    How can I find out more information?

    A presentation will be made at Neighbourhood Forum 8 meeting held
    at Dapto Ribbonwood Centre on Wednesday 12 November at 7pm

    A community information session will be held at Wongawilli Community Hall on Thursday 27 November at 6-7.30pm