What is a Recreation Master Plan and why do we need one for Figtree Oval?

    A Recreation Master Plan encompasses the community’s future vision for Figtree Oval and recreational space into a concept design.
    Community feedback received as part of the Figtree Town Centre Study in 2013 highlighted the importance of Figtree Oval. The study recommended that a Recreational Master Plan be established for Figtree Oval, with a focus on revitalising the area as a recreational hub.

    What opportunities will the Figtree Oval Recreation Master Plan explore?

    • Identifying community meeting spaces 
    • Enhancing sporting, social, environmental and recreational activity
    • Improving the creek for recreational uses
    • Extending the cycle and walking track along Allan’s Creek
    • Exploring open space linkages and improving pedestrian access along the Allan’s Creek
    • Establishing a green corridor and improving connectivity between the open spaces and town centre
    • Improving pedestrian access and connectivity between Figtree Oval and Westfield 
    • Increasing pedestrian access and community safety within Figtree town centre 
    • Reducing the high risk of flooding
    • Improving parking capacity for recreational activity

    What area will be included in the Master Plan?

    Figtree Oval is part of an important network of recreational spaces for the local community. The draft Recreation Master Plan for Figtree Oval will encompass the area shown in the map in the Document Library. 

    Figtree Oval has two playing fields, currently used for cricket (playing field one has a turf wicket) and AFL. The site also has two tennis courts, cricket training facilities, children's playground equipment, public amenities, a grandstand, car parking, a baby health centre and a community hall. Other recreational uses in the space include soccer, rugby league, rugby union, jogging and dog walking.

    What are the main issues that the Master Plan will focus on?

    The Plan will consider how best to address existing and potential site issues including parking, pedestrian movements, accessibility and flooding.

    Council is keen to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to have their say and that planning for site improvements and any proposed infrastructure is open and transparent.

    How can I contribute to the Master Plan?

    Council will be consulting the community and existing stakeholder groups to devise a draft Plan over the coming months. You can provide input in the following ways:

    • Visit one of the scheduled community engagement kiosks
    • Submit your completed feedback form and/or map your comments on this site
    • Post your completed feedback form to: The General Manager, Wollongong City Council, Locked Bag 8821 WOLLONGONG DC 2500
    • Scan and email your completed feedback form to engagement@wollongong.nsw.gov.au 
    All feedback must be received before 27 March 2015.

    How can I be reassured that the space will remain recreational and that environmental requirements will be met?

    The site is zoned for public recreation under the Wollongong Local Environmental Plan 2009. This zoning requires:
    • Land to be used for public open space or recreational purposes
    • The provision of a range of recreational settings and activities and compatible land uses
    • The protection and enhancement of the natural environment for recreational purposes
    • Catering for the development of a wide range of uses and facilities within open spaces for the benefit of the community

    Who will make the final decisions and how will the Plan be implemented?

    To develop the draft Plan, Council will review community feedback and take into consideration community safety and security, costing of the options and design factors.

    Once a draft Recreation Master Plan is developed, it will be placed on exhibition and the community will have the opportunity to provide further comments.

    Council will review the comments on the draft Plan before developing and adopting a final Figtree Oval Recreation Master Plan.

    Once Council adopts a final Plan, funding allocations can be considered in Council’s annual planning process. This may involve staged implementation of the Plan over a 10 year period according to available budget. If the budget is not available, some aspects of the envisioned plan may not be implemented.

    Updates on the Plan will be provided on Council’s website.