Why is the community being asked to suggest road names?

    New roads will be constructed in West Dapto now and into the future. A list of potential names for these roads is being created and Council is interested in hearing your suggestions. It is an opportunity for the community to have input into what the future roads might be called. 

    When will the list of names be used?

    When a new road is built by Council in West Dapto the list of names will be considered. The list of names will be available to developers however they are not obliged to use it.

    What ideas can be used for possible road names?

    Ideas for road names may come from:

    • Aboriginal names
    • Early explorers, pioneers, settlers and other renowned people
    • Local history
    • Mining, industry or other historical usage
    • Names of flora, fauna or ships
    • War/Casualty lists

    What are the rules around new road names?

    The Geographical Names Board of NSW ‘NSW Road Naming Policy’ outlines the guidelines for naming roads. The guidelines can be accessed at www.gnb.nsw.gov.au, however, in a snapshot road names should be:

    • Unique-the name should not already exist in the Wollongong Local Government Area or neighbouring Local Government Areas
    • If naming after a person- the person cannot be living and first names are to be avoided
    • Not offensive or likely to cause offense
    • Appropriate to the physical, historical and cultural character of West Dapto
    • Cannot be a company or business name
    • Must be easy to read, spell and pronounce
    • Use of hyphens should be avoided
    • Should include an appropriate road type suffix e.g. road, street, avenue
    • In most cases should only be one word, however two may be appropriate if required for the geographical relationship of the road. E.g. New England Highway.

    Council’s Road Naming Policy also has the full details and is available on Council’s website.

    Who has the final decision about road names?

    Council will review the community feedback and may propose one or more options to the Geographical Names Board for consideration. The Geographical Names Board will consider the proposal along with the supportingevidence and the community feedback.

    The Geographical Names Board will advertise the adopted proposal, providing another opportunity for the community to have input before the Geographical Names Board makes a final determination. The full process is outlined in the Geographical Names Board Guidelines. 

    What about acknowledging local people?

    Acknowledging a local person through road naming may not be possible due to the rules set by the Geographical Names Board. However, Wollongong City Council Community Recognition Program provides an opportunity for formal recognition of individuals whose outstanding service has enriched the community of Wollongong. A written submission must be submitted to Council demonstrating the following;

    • That the person has performed more than 20 years of service to the Dapto/West Dapto community
    • That the person has had a positive impact on the lives of the people within the community
    • The person was considered an appropriate role model
    • Written permission of the person’s immediate family

    Where can I get more information about road naming?

    Where can I get more information about the West Dapto Access Strategy?

    More information about the West Dapto Access Strategy can be accessed online www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/westdaptoaccess

    How can I have my say?

    What date do I need to provide my nomination by?

    There is a no deadline for general nominations. To have a name considered for the link road from Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive a nomination form must be received by 30 September 2016.