Which section of Squires Way, North Wollongong are you working on?

    The road upgrade and works will take place on the eastern side of Squires Way, between Elliotts Road and Puckey Avenue, North Wollongong.

    What works are you doing?

    We’ll be building a new kerb and gutter along the eastern side of the road and widening the road.

    Why are you widening the road?

    By widening the road, we will be able to provide a second lane for southbound traffic, from Elliotts Road leading up to the Puckey Avenue intersection. This will improve traffic flow in the area.

    Why are you installing kerb and guttering now?

    Sections of Squires Way already have kerb and guttering, this is project continues road improvements and upgrades. There will be kerb and guttering installed along the 160m (between Elliotts Road and Puckey Avenue), where there is currently only grass verge.

    How long will the works take?

    We expect the work to take approximately 2 months. If there is lots of wet weather during the construction period, it may take a little longer.

    Will the road be closed while works are happening?

    No. The road will remain open, in both directions at all times. There will be traffic controls in place to make sure that works are continued safely.

    Why aren’t we upgrading the full length of Squires Way?

    This project is part of a longer-term plan to upgrade the full length of Squires Way.  It focuses on the section of road between Elliotts Rd and Puckey Ave.

    Will the shared path change as part of this project?

    No, the shared path is not being changed and should not be impacted by the works. The shared path will remain open to cyclists and pedestrians throughout the construction period.

    Are changes being made to lighting?

    No, the existing street lighting will remain.

    Will this work change flooding in the area?

    These works will not further impact flooding in the area. While these works are not flood or drainage improvement works, we expect that the kerb and guttering to the road may prevent storm water flowing across the shared path in small storm events.

    Are there any other works happening in this area?

    As part of a separate road renewal project, Squires Way will also undergo a road resurfacing. We expect that the road resurfacing will take place over the same period of time, however these works will occur at night to minimise any impact to road users.