Can I choose the type of tree to be planted?

    We have put together a list of small, medium and larger growing trees that are suitable for Dapto and surrounds. There are a mix of natives and exotic trees, but all of them have been chosen as they are good performers as a street tree. 

    After you join in, we will send you the tree list and you can give us your top three choices for type of tree to be planted. 

    We will do our best to give you your top choice but it depends on how many other residents want that type and what our nursery suppliers have in stock. That's why we have asked for three choices. We also want to plant a diversity of types in any one street. 

    Can I choose the planting location on the Council strip?

    When joining up you can add a note about any preferred planting location you may have. 

    We will assess whether this location is suitable as most street verges have underground services, driveways and other infrastructure to consider in choosing a planting location.  

    Our aim is to put the right tree in the right place so that it thrives into the future.

    Will all locations be able to have a tree?

    Once you have joined in, our team will check that your location is suitable to host a tree.  

    Constraints such as driveway locations, sightlines, underground services and Council strip widths are considered. 

    We do have smaller growing trees for under power lines.

    What if I have power lines on my side of the street?

    We have a selection of smaller height trees that are suitable for planting under power lines. 

    When will the planting happen?

    We will plant in Autumn next year as this is the best time of year to get trees in the ground. 

    Soil temperatures are still warm enough for roots to grow and milder temperatures reduce any water stress on newly planted trees. 

    Our planting schedule can vary from day to day and we will not be able to notify people when we will be planting in a particular street.  

    Also a street may not be planted up at the same time, as we may not have all the tree types on hand from the nursery. This means you may have your tree planted at a different time to a neighbour. 

     If you would like updates as we get closer to planting time, please follow this project page. 

    Who will maintain the tree?

    Our planting crew water the tree on planting and use water saving crystals to help hold water near the roots. We actively manage each tree in the first few years to help it establish, but with a lot of trees to water we hope you can help it along too. 

    By watering it when it looks thirsty you will help establish a thriving tree. When we plant in Autumn, we will provide a watering tip sheet for you.  

    Will you be planting trees in local parks and reserves as well?

    We will be planting more trees in parks and reserves to provide shade. 

    In these areas we can often plant larger growing tree types that have a broader canopy creating more shade. 

    In Autumn look out for our crews planting in a park or reserve near you. 

    Can I get free trees or other plants for my garden?

    Our Greenplan Nursery sells a wide range of ground covers, grasses, trees and shrubs indigenous to the Wollongong area, at subsidised prices to ratepayers in the Wollongong LGA (Local Government Area).  

    Check the Greenplan website for upcoming open days as the nursery is generally open once a month on a Friday and some Saturdays. 

    Why Dapto and surrounds?

    The table below shows the current average canopy cover across different parts of Wollongong. Dapto and surrounds are below the city average and well below the optimal cover of trees. 

    Also many existing trees are getting older and will likely require replacement in the next 15 years.

    What is the aim of the Urban Greening Strategy?

    Urban greening is about increasing the quality and quantity of vegetation (trees and other plants) and open green spaces in an urban setting.

    Wollongong’s average urban tree canopy cover of 17% is well below the national average of 39%. 

    The Urban Greening Strategy: 

    • is a comprehensive strategy for urban trees and vegetation. 
    • supports a coordinated approach to managing urban vegetation and trees.
    • outlines the steps needed to plan, program and invest in quality urban greening, to ensure the long term liveability of Wollongong.

    What have we been doing to implement the Strategy?

    Here are key actions we have undertaken: 

    • the planting of 270 trees at Port Kembla in collaboration with residents, local greening champions and community groups. 
    • planting trees to provide future shade at our playgrounds 
    • creating Technical Guidelines that will guide the way we plant and care for trees across Wollongong 
    • completing an inventory of all trees on public land so we know what condition they are in to best manage them
    • developing guidelines that will allow for the planting of road verges by residents

    Upcoming priorities are: 

    • forward planning for street tree plantings in other priority suburbs 
    • planning for transitional landscapes ("meadows") to reduce the amount of mowing on public land